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154 Possible Causes for Mucocutaneous Bleeding

  • Glanzmann Thrombasthenia

    Patients with Glanzmann thrombasthenia experience lifelong spontaneous and post-traumatic mucocutaneous bleeding diathesis.[] mucocutaneous bleeding and an exaggerated response to trauma due to a constitutional thrombocytopenia.[] Homepage Rare diseases Search Search for a rare disease Glanzmann thrombasthenia Disease definition Glanzmann thrombasthenia (GT) is a bleeding syndrome characterized by spontaneous[]

  • Bernard-Soulier Syndrome

    Subjects with BSS reported markedly more mucocutaneous bleeding than controls. Increased bleeding was also observed in heterozygotes.[] Patients affected by GT and BSS suffer mainly from mucocutaneous bleedings causing anemia and transfusion requirements.[] Bernard-Soulier syndrome (BSS) is an autosomal recessive major thrombocytopathy, the symptoms of which are mainly marked by mucocutaneous bleeding.[]

  • Von Willebrand Disease

    Summary Clinical description The disease manifests as mucocutaneous bleeding anomalies (menorrhagia, epistaxis, gastrointestinal hemorrhage etc. ).[] Clinically characterized by mucocutaneous bleeding, especially nose bleeding, menorrhagia and bleeding after trauma.[]

  • Thrombocytopenia

    The drug was well tolerated and the frequency of mucocutaneous bleeding decreased during the study period.[] The clinical presentation is one of insidious mucocutaneous bleeding.[] Thrombocytopenia is the most common cause of mucocutaneous (systemic) bleeding. Also called thrombopenia.[]

  • Platelet Storage Pool Deficiency

    […] diathesis characterized mainly by mucocutaneous bleeding.[] Delta-Storage Pool Deficiency is characterized by mucocutaneous bleeding (particularly epistaxis), surgical bleeding, and ecchymosis.[] Typically, easy bruising, petechiae, epistaxis, and mucocutaneous bleeding are observed in affected patients.[]

  • Urethritis

    . - Rectal pain - Discharge - mucopurrulent - Bleeding 33.  Reiter’s syndrome – urethritis - conjuctivitis - arthritis - characteristic mucocutaneous lesions as well as psoriasis[]

  • Acquired Von Willebrand Syndrome

    Acquired von Willebrand syndrome (AVWS) is a rare bleeding disorder that typically presents as mucocutaneous bleeding in individuals with no personal or family history of[] In patients with AVWS associated with hypothyroidism, mucocutaneous bleeding episodes are the most frequent and can be managed with local therapy and/or systemic administrations[] His first bleeding 7 years earlier following a retinal tear had been complicated by monocular blindness. Several mucocutanous bleedings followed.[]

  • Bleeding Diathesis due to a Collagen Receptor Defect

    Patients might present with mucocutaneous bleeding or asymptomatic.[] Thromboxane receptor deficiency is characterized by mucocutaneous, gastrointestinal (GI), or surgical bleeding.[] Patients with δ-SPD have a bleeding diathesis of variable severity characterized by mucocutaneous bleeding and peri-operative bleeding.[]

  • Bleeding Disorder due to CalDAG-GEFI Deficiency

    Disease Ontology : 12 An inherited blood coagulation disease characterized by autosomal recessive inheritance of mucocutaneous bleeding, prolonged and severe epistaxis, hematomas[] Entry H01235 Disease Name Bleeding disorder platelet-type Description Bleeding disorder platelet-type is a condition characterized by mild to moderate mucocutaneous bleeding[] Mild platelet function abnormalities will not cause spontaneous bleeding but may cause ...[]

  • Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma

    Polyps may cause gastrointestinal bleeding, intussusception, obstruction, or infarction [ 1 ],[ 4 ].[] […] characterized by the development of hamartomatous polyps throughout the gastrointestinal tract (most commonly seen in the small bowel, particularly the jejunum), characteristic mucocutaneous[]

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