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255 Possible Causes for Multi-Infarct Dementia

  • Binswanger Disease

    Since the advent of the high-resolution CT scan, the frequency of lacunar dementia seems to be increasing, in contrast with the number of cases of multi-infarct dementia.[] Subcortical arteriosclerotic encephalopathy (SAE), also known as Binswanger disease or s mall vessel dementia, refers to slowly progressive exclusively white-matter multi-infarct[] dementia.[]

  • Parkinson's Disease

    Factors contributing to subjective fatigue in people with idiopathic Parkinson's disease (PD) are not well known. This makes it difficult to manage fatigue effectively in PD. To evaluate the effects of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions, compared to an inactive control intervention, on subjective[…][]

  • Multi-Infarct Dementia

    Multi-infarct dementia may sometimes follow strokes.[] It is considered that she sustained both multi-infarct dementia and probable Alzheimer's disease. It is suggested that such cases are under-reported.[] […] impairment to identify potential determinants of multi-infarct dementia.[]

  • Vascular Dementia

    What is Vascular Dementia (Multi-infarct Dementia) Statistics on Vascular Dementia (Multi-infarct Dementia) Risk Factors for Vascular Dementia (Multi-infarct Dementia) Progression[] Learn about this topic in these articles: caused by hypertension In dementia This type of dementia, called multi-infarct, or vascular, dementia results from a series of small[] […] of Vascular Dementia (Multi-infarct Dementia) Symptoms of Vascular Dementia (Multi-infarct Dementia) Clinical Examination of Vascular Dementia (Multi-infarct Dementia) How[]

  • Sneddon's Syndrome

    Cerebrovascular accident Livedo reticularis Transient ischemic attack Leg ulcers Severe migraine Necrotizing purpura Chorea Distal cutaneous ischemia/ Seizures gangrene Multi-infarct[] infarct dementia No other risk factors are present “chorea is another clinical diosrder that has been strongly linked to presence of APL” Migraine,TM,GBS,ON,ICH,psychosis[] dementia Widespread cutaneous necrosis Ischemic encephalopathy Peripheral neuropathy Obstetric Myasthenia gravis Recurrent fetal loss Sneddon's syndrome Intrauterine growth[]

  • Anticardiolipin Antibody Syndrome

    […] thrombophlebitis Blue toe syndrome Vasculitis involving medium-sized and small vessels Neurological defects in antiphospholipid syndrome Migraine headaches Seizures Stroke Multi-infarct[] Multiple strokes can sometimes lead to a condition called multi-infarct dementia.[] dementia Cardiac abnormalities in antiphospholipid syndrome Heart murmur Cardiac valve vegetations Eye disorders in antiphospholipid syndrome Blindness Blood abnormalities[]

  • CADASIL Syndrome

    […] and Leukoencephalopathy hereditary multi-infarct dementia cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy Dementia, Hereditary[] […] strokes, and early-onset multi-infarct dementia.[] Hereditary multi-infarct dementia. Eur. Neurol. 27, 209–215 (1987). 9 Sourander, P. & Walinder, J. Hereditary multi-infarct dementia.[]

  • Dementia

    What is Multi-Infarct Dementia? In multi-infarct dementia, a series of small strokes or changes in the brain’s blood supply may result in the death of brain tissue.[] In multi-infarct dementia, the combined effects of different infarcts produce cognitive decline by affecting the neural nets.[] However, other forms of dementia, such as vascular dementia associated with small strokes (multi-infarct dementia) may begin abruptly and worsen in stepwise fashion, with[]

  • Alzheimer Disease

    Long-term survival was examined for 218 patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and 115 patients with multi-infarct dementia (MID).[] Abstract ABSTRACT Survival and causes of death of 218 patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and of 115 patients with multiinfarct dementia (MID) were examined.[] Rinne, Long‐term survival and predictors of mortality in Alzheimer's disease and multiinfarct dementia, Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, 91, 3, (159-164), (2009). John M.[]

  • Alcohol Dementia

    Two of the most common are multi-infarct dementia, binswanger's disease. What's multi-infarct dementia?[] […] signs and symptoms that could be any number of illnesses including: Alzheimer's disease Huntington's disease Parkinson's disease Pick's disease Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease Multi-Infarct[] Alzheimer's disease, AD), vascular (e.g. multi-infarct dementia), and traumatic (e.g. head injury).[]

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