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290 Possible Causes for Muscle Biopsy showing Presence of Vacuoles, Velopharyngeal Insufficiency

  • Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy

    Muscle biopsy in the four affected patients showed variation in fiber size, and the presence of small angulated fibers and occasional rimmed vacuoles.[] Electron microscopic examination revealed an accumulation of filamentous inclusions in muscle fiber nuclei.[] Electromyographs revealed myogenic/neurogenic changes, and computed tomography disclosed selective muscle wasting with fatty replacement, predominantly in the lower extremities[]

  • Cleft Palate

    She had a pharyngeal flap 6 months later with successful correction of the velopharyngeal insufficiency.[] insufficiency.[] 22q11.2 microdeletion syndrome (22q11.2DS) is the most common syndrome associated with cleft palate and velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI).[]

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  • Congenital Velopharyngeal Incompetence

    Velopharyngeal Insufficiency Definition Velopharyngeal insufficiency is the improper closing of the velopharyngeal sphincter (soft palate muscle) during speech characterized[] (Velopharyngeal insufficiency) insufficiency by velopharyngeal prosthesis.[] This graph shows the total number of publications written about "Velopharyngeal Insufficiency" by people in this website by year, and whether "Velopharyngeal Insufficiency[]

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  • Dubowitz Syndrome

    He also had a submucous cleft palate and cineradiographic studies showed velopharyngeal insufficiency.[] Speech delays, an unusually soft, high-pitched voice, submucous cleft palate, and velopharyngeal insufficiency were noted in childhood.[] The mouth can have a high arched palate , submucous cleft palate , or velopharyngeal insufficiency.[]

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  • Cleft Lip

    Evaluation of patients for velopharyngeal insufficiency requires a thorough history and examination by the physician.[] Pediatric otolaryngology Abstract Author Information Authors Velopharyngeal insufficiency is defined as an inability to close the velopharyngeal sphincter resulting in inadequate[] Velopharyngeal Insufficiency This article addresses the indications and remedies for velopharyngeal insufficiency in cleft-affected patients.[]

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  • Hughling-Jackson Syndrome

    This book traces the life and scientific career of Dr. John Hughlings Jackson (1835-1911), the English physician who pioneered the development of neurology as a medical specialty during the reign of Queen Victoria. Jackson made a number of scientific discoveries in several areas of higher nervous activity and[…][]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Presence of Vacuoles
  • Velocardiofacial Syndrome

    ; velopharyngeal insufficiency alone, n 63; submucous cleft, n 15; other, n 13).[] OBJECTIVE: To compare speech outcomes after operative intervention for velopharyngeal insufficiency between velocardiofacial syndrome patients and nonsyndromic patients.[] Abstract Treatment of velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS)-associated velopharyngeal insufficiency is controversial.[]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Presence of Vacuoles
  • Cleft Uvula

    Several of the children were found to have velopharyngeal insufficiency and mildly hypernasal speech.[] Velopharyngeal insufficiency in tetralogy of Fallot: A report of four cases. Pediatric Cardiology , Vol. 4, Issue. 1, p. 41.[] Velopharyngeal insufficiency In a small number of people, the uvula does not close properly against the back of the throat, causing a condition known as velopharyngeal insufficiency[]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Presence of Vacuoles
  • Cleft of Hard Palate

    The condition known variously as velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI) or velopharyngeal dysfunction (VPD) may be seen after cleft palate surgery or noted after adenoidal tissue[] Velopharyngeal insufficiency Most common type of VPD because it includes a short velum Treatment for velopharyngeal insufficiency Velopharyngeal incompetence is the term[] Velopharyngeal Insufficiency Velopharyngeal insufficiency involves the inability to close off the nasopharynx with the soft palate during speech.[]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Presence of Vacuoles
  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 2

    Muscle biopsy in Pompe disease shows the presence of vacuoles that stain positively for glycogen.[] Quantitatively, muscle glycogen content is elevated up to tenfold above normal in infantile Pompe disease and to a lesser extent in late onset patients.[] Furthermore, there is anesthesia risk (see section below) in infantile Pompe disease if an open biopsy is done. 26 This risk should be carefully considered, particularly if[]

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