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1,508 Possible Causes for Muscle Contracture, Subluxation of Jaw

  • Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

    Due to pain, children usually stop using their joints in a normal way and muscle contractures may appear.[] If maintained for prolonged periods (usually more than 1 month), this abnormal position leads to the shortening (called contracture) of muscles and tendons and to the development[] For patients with JRA, physical and occupational therapy and special exercises may play an important role in helping to improve mobility and muscle strength.[]

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Physical therapy and bracing to prevent muscle contractures and orthopedic management of scoliosis are important components of the care plan.[] Loss of muscle mass ( wasting ). Muscle contractures in the heels, legs. Muscle deformities.[] Loss of respiratory (breathing) muscle power and involvement of heart muscle becomes life threatening in the late teens or early 20s.[]

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  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

    contracture.[] […] locking in the wide-open position for TMJ subluxation.[] MASTICATORY MUSCLE DISORDERS 1. Muscle pain A. Myalgia 1. Local myalgia 2. Myofascial pain 3. Myofascial pain with referral B. Tendonitis C. Myositis D. Spasm 2.[]

  • Hemophilia

    Since synovitis or articular contracture is an underlying condition of hemophilia, muscle shortening may occur.[] This disease can lead to further symptoms such as: • progressive decreased motion • flexion contracturesmuscle atrophy [1] The second most common presentation of hemophilia[] Signs and symptoms of GI involvement include: • Fever • Abdominal distention and pain • Melena (bloody stool) • Hip flexion contracture (iliopsoas muscle spasm due to retroperitoneal[]

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  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 5

    […] i.e. rapid muscle breakdown with muscle contractures.[] If activity is continued after symptoms appear, severe, painful muscle cramping and contracture may occur; this may be accompanied by myoglobinuria and can lead to rhabdomyolysis[] Fixed contractures with rhabdomyolysis . Secondary symptoms Raised urate level. Possible muscle wasting. Risk of acute renal failure. Treatment No specific treatment.[]

    Missing: Subluxation of Jaw
  • Temporomandibular Joint Subluxation

    Definition Subluxation or hypermobility in the temporomandibular joint is defined as the clinical condition with repeated episodes of partial dislocation of the jaw.[] April 15th, 2015 An open lock is when the jaw or mouth gets stuck wide open and will not close. The medical term for open lock is subluxation.[] Subluxation is when the joint is still partially attached to the bone. [2] When a person has a dislocated jaw it is difficult to open and close the mouth. [3] Dislocation[]

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  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 7

    The clinical hallmarks of muscle phosphorylase deficiency (McArdle's disease) are muscle cramps and exercise intolerance, contracture following ischemic work, and episodic[] […] at a corrected age of 1 month as floppy infant syndrome, congenital joint contracture, cleft palate and duplication of the pelvicalyceal system.[] We have encountered a patient with all these symptoms who proved to lack muscle phosphofructokinase (PFK) rather than phosphorylase.[]

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  • Hemophilia A

    Physical exam Remarkable findings on the exam may include bruises, subcutaneous hematomas, deformed joints, and muscle contractures.[] .  Complications: Chronic involvement with joint deformity complicated by muscle atrophy and soft tissue contractures 10.[]

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  • Volkmann's Contracture

    The measurement of passive extension deficits (PED) illustrates the degree of extrinsic muscle contracture. The PED is increased proportionally to nerve damage.[] It has been well recognized that some fracture patients develop an ischemic contracture of the inferior rectus muscle.[] It is characterized by shortening and stiffening of the muscles Applies To Posttraumatic muscle contracture ICD-9-CM Volume 2 Index entries containing back-references to 958.6[]

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  • Factor VII Deficiency

    Repeated hemarthrosis leads to joint deformity complicated by muscle atrophy and contractures.[]

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