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152 Possible Causes for Muscle Cramp, Salt Craving

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    cramps, pain in joints and postural hypotension ( low blood pressure ).[] This situation may be associated with symptoms suggestive of chronic adrenal insufficiency such as hyperpigmentation, salt craving, and association with autoimmune diseases[] Available data suggest that patients with PAI may be underreplaced with FC as symptoms and signs indicating chronic MC underreplacement, such as salt craving and postural[]

  • Addison's Disease

    Presenting symptoms include fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and muscle cramps.[] craving.[] Cramps and pains in muscles. Craving for salt or for salty foods and drinks. Menstrual periods in women may become irregular or stop. The symptoms can be vague at first.[]

  • Bartter's Disease

    Calling your health care provider Call your health care provider if your child is: Having muscle cramps Not growing well Urinating frequently[] craving, constipation, insensitivity to angiotensin II pressor effects, normal blood pressure.[] Call your health care provider if your child is: Having muscle cramps Not growing well Urinating frequently Potassium wasting; Salt-wasting nephropathy Guay-Woodford LM.[]

  • Alkalosis

    ., muscular weakness, muscle pain , and muscle cramps (from disturbed function of the skeletal muscles), and muscle spasms (from disturbed function of smooth muscles).[] Although the Gitelman phenotype is less severe, symptoms such as salt craving, cramps, weakness, and fatigue are common, associated with reduced health-related quality of[] People may have irritability, muscle twitching, muscle cramps, or even muscle spasms. Blood is tested to diagnose alkalosis.[]

  • Gitelman Syndrome

    Muscle cramps (41%) and asthenia (35%) were the most frequent presenting symptoms.[] A 22-year male presented with severe episodic fatigue involving all limbs associated with episodes of sinking, palpitations, salt craving, increased thirst and frequent micturition[] The index patient, her sister, father and two aunts had a history of severe salt cravings, fatigue and tetanic episodes, leading to consumption of large quantities of salt[]

  • Night Blindness

    ‘Patients might also have bone pain, muscle cramps, night blindness, and easy bruising as a result of malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins.’[] We report on three boys, of Indian origin, with Dent's disease that presented at an early age (1-4 years), with polyuria, polydipsia, salt craving, recurrent vitamin A-responsive[]

  • Cerebral Salt-Wasting Syndrome

    Advanced symptoms include muscle cramps , lightheadedness, dizziness or vertigo , feelings of anxiety or panic (not mentally induced), increased heart rate or slowed heart[] During this time the patient recalls having excessive thirst and a craving for the salt tablets, which he later found unpalatable.[] cravings, dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system , and dehydration .[]

  • Muscle Cramp

    Most muscle cramps are benign, but cramps that occur on exertion or in a patient with abnormal findings on physical examination or electromyography are usually caused by significant[] The reason is most likely because they ignore their salt craving cues—eating mostly unprocessed and unsalted foods—while continuing to lose considerable salt through sweating[] Historically relevant hypotheses on the pathophysiology of muscle cramp are reviewed.[]

  • Mitral Valve Prolapse

    Overall, there was a 90 percent decrease in muscle cramps, a 47 percent decrease in chest pain and a definite decrease in blood vessel spasms in the people taking magnesium[] cravings, pupil dilation, and flushes.[] There was a significant increase in mean serum Mg and marked improvement in palpitation, chest pain, fatigue, tremor, muscle cramps and dizziness.[]

  • Cystic Kidney

    cramps (HANAC).[] Symptoms Early in the disease, depending on the form of ADTKD, symptoms may include: Excessive urination (polyuria) Gout Salt cravings Urination at night (nocturia) Weakness[] Muscle cramps. Swollen feet. Puffiness around the eyes. Being pale due to anaemia. Feeling sick (nausea).[]

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