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2,111 Possible Causes for Muscle Spasm, Pancreatitis

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    Since aldosterone is usually present, low blood pressure and muscle spasms are not as likely as they are in primary adrenal insufficiency.[] In patients with severe acute pancreatitis all of these determinations will be repeated at the third day of admission.[] The most common symptoms are severe fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness, irritability, and depression.[]

  • Homocystinuria

    The child responded well to this therapy and the muscle spasms as well as skin manifestations such as cutis marmorata subsided.[] Pancreatitis . Management Effective treatment requires early diagnosis and initiation of therapy. Pyridoxine is the drug of choice.[] Abdominal pain Severe, sudden abdominal pain may be a sign of pancreatitis, which occurs more frequently in children with homocystinuria than in typical children.[]

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    Tetany (involuntary cramping of your muscles) and muscle spasms under Listing 11.00, Neurological Disorders.[] […] alcoholic pancreatitis .[] Our aim was to identify a new form of interaction between exocrine and endocrine pancreatic cells mediated by exocrine MPs, in the context of recurrent infection in CF.[]

  • Propionic Acidemia

    Symptoms of a metabolic crisis include: poor feeding vomiting low muscle tone excessive sleepiness irritability rapid breathing muscle spasms If a metabolic crisis is not[] There are many reports of additional problems, including poor growth, stroke-like episodes of the basal ganglia, seizures, cardiomyopathy, long QTc syndrome, immune defects, pancreatitis[] Pancreatitis was reported in a minority of the sample, yet more than half of these reported a recurrence.[]

  • Methylmalonic Acidemia

    Symptoms of a metabolic crisis include: poor feeding vomiting low muscle tone excessive sleepiness irritability rapid breathing muscle spasms If a metabolic crisis is not[] […] that indicate the possibility of acute pancreatitis.[] Long-term complications can include feeding problems, intellectual disability , chronic kidney disease , and pancreatitis .[]

  • Scorpion Sting

    In adults, tachycardia, hypertension, increased respirations, weakness, muscle spasms, and fasciculations may predominate.[] Chronic relapsing pancreatitis is a rare cause of abdominal pain in children and exceptionally rarely is related to a scorpion sting.[] Clinical findings were concordant with class III scorpion envenomation (major systemic manifestations), complicated by acute kidney injury and acute pancreatitis.[]

  • Hypoparathyroidism

    , legs, and feet ; cataracts ; dental problems; memory loss , headaches , and muscle spasms .[] Antibodies against the adrenal, pancreatic islet cell, ovary, thyroid, pituitary, celiac, and parietal cell were negative in both siblings, while anti-diuretic hormone antibodies[] The use of exogenous pancreatic enzymes improved calcium homeostasis in this bariatric patient.[]

  • Urologic Surgery

    Overactive bladder, also called urge incontinence, is caused by urinary muscle spasms that cause an urgency to urinate.[] Pancreatic fistula after surgery of recurrent malignancy may have a poor outcome.[] Other conditions that are seen more frequently include kidney stones, diseases and infections; pancreatic diseases; ulcerative colitis; penile dysfunction; and infections[]

  • Colchicine

    spasm.[] More importantly, it revealed that increased ROS generation might be an effective strategy in treating human pancreatic cancer.[] SUIT-2 human pancreatic cancer cell line cells overexpressing pro-inflammatory cytokines, including interleukin (IL)-1β, IL-8, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α, were treated[]

  • Nadolol

    Weight loss 9 % Aggressive reaction 9 % Abnormal gait 8 % Purpura 8 % Difficulty sleeping 8 % Viral infection 7 % Impaired coordination 6 % Nausea 6 % Increased saliva 6 % Muscle[] Reintroduction of this drug lead to a recrudescence of hypertriglyceridaemia and a further episode of pancreatitis.[] This is thought to be due to blockade of beta2-receptors on pancreatic islet cells, which would inhibit insulin secretion.[]

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