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424 Possible Causes for Mutation in the CDK6 Gene, Ovarian Metastasis

  • Gallbladder Carcinoma

    This tendency is the same as that for K-ras mutations and the pancreaticobiliary maljunction may override the effect of p53 gene mutations.[] Gene Name CDKN2A (cyclin dependent kinase 2a / p16) Location 9p21.3 Dna / Rna 3 exons Protein Regulatory protein in the cell cycle and cyclin-dependent kinase ( cdk4 / cdk6[] The tumor suppressor gene p16 is commonly inactivated in many neoplasms.[]

  • Gastric Adenocarcinoma

    However, differentiation between primary ovarian cancer and ovarian metastasis is important in order to prevent inappropriate management and suboptimal treatment.[] In Pt2, the SETBP1 gene (p.S944N) was mutated, as it is in myeloid malignancies ( 20 ), together with amplification of AKAP9 and CDK6 (cyclin-dependent kinase 6).[] Figure 5: Integrated molecular description of gastric cancer. a, Mutations, copy-number changes and translocations for select genes are shown across samples organized by molecular[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Ovary

    All cases of ovarian metastasis had stage IIB disease.[] CONCLUSION: Ovarian cancer metastasis to the heart and pericardium presented an aggressive variant of tumor spread with significant morbidity and subsequent mortality.[] Discussion The distinction of primary mucinous ovarian cancers from ovarian metastasis of digestive organ cancers is often difficult.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

    […] may be presenting symptom Tumor may track along biopsy needle path Metastases to ovary may simulate primary mucinous ovarian tumors ( Am J Surg Pathol 1989;13:748 ) Diagnosis[] […] pancreatitis 10% Metastases: Local lymph nodes (microscopic metastases found in 75% with T1 / T2 disease) Liver, lung, peritoneum, adrenal, bone, distal nodes Supraclavicular node metastasis[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Metastatic Ovarian Carcinoma

    Ovarian metastasis was identified on autopsy. Ovarian metastasis from lung cancer is rare. We report a case with a brief review of the literature.[] We describe an unusual case of obstructive jaundice secondary to cholangiocarcinoma and widespread metastasis who presented initially with ovarian cancer.[] By the time ovarian cancer is diagnosed, 60% of women have evidence of metastasis [ 1 ].[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Splenic Metastasis

    Ovarian metastasis causing huge splenic enlargement.[] Splenic metastasis from ovarian carcinoma generally presents as peritoneal spread with multiorgan involvement.[] Solitary parenchymal splenic metastasis of ovarian carcinoma is rare.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Meigs Syndrome

    This and five other reported cases demonstrate that ovarian metastasis from colorectal cancer may occasionally cause pseudo-Meigs' syndrome, and that resection of the ovarian[] Therefore, the prognosis and etiology of pseudo-Meigs' syndrome caused by ovarian metastasis from colorectal cancers remain unclear.[] However, immunohistochemical staining revealed that the ovarian lesions were metastasis from the primary advanced colon cancer.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Ovarian Metastasis

    Ovarian metastasis accounts for up to 30% of all ovarian malignancies.[] In 18.2% (4/22) of patients with ovarian metastasis, the maximum diameter was less than 2 mm.[] […] without ovarian metastasis.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Struma Ovarii

    Logani S, Baloch ZW, Snyder PJ, Weinstein R, LiVolsi VA (2001) Cystic ovarian metastasis from papillary thyroid carcinoma: a case report.[] Despite extra-ovarian metastasis at the initial diagnosis, the patient has survived with the disease for 20 years.[] Corrado G, Pomati G, Russo A, Visca P, Vincenzoni C, Patrizi L, Vizza E (2014) Ovarian metastasis from thyroid carcinoma: a case report and literature review.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Biliary Carcinoma

    Isolated ovarian metastasis of gastric cancer: Krukenberg tumor. Contemp Oncol. 17(6):515-9. Jun, Y.S., Park, J.K. 2011.[] This tendency is the same as that for K-ras mutations and the pancreaticobiliary maljunction may override the effect of p53 gene mutations.[] Metachronous ovarian metastases following resection of the primary gastric cancer. J Gastric Cancer. 11(1):31-7. Kikkawa, F., Shibata, K., Ino, K. 2002.[]

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