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758 Possible Causes for Mutation in the Endoglin Gene, Otalgia, Pharyngeal Hemorrhage

  • Carcinoma of the Larynx

    A 74 year old man who presented with otalgia underwent direct laryngoscopy with biopsy, which revealed an invasive poorly differentiated carcinoma.[] Dysphonia which will gradually develop into aphonia, dysphagia, dyspnea, aspiration, fatigue and general weakness, localized pain, otalgia, halitosis and blood showing in[] Supraglottic cancers tend to present late with symptoms of dysphagia, odynophagia, hemoptysis, or referred otalgia. Stridor and hoarseness are late findings.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Endoglin Gene
  • Carcinoma of the Tonsil

    We describe the case of a 52-year-old man with a history of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the tonsil who presented with right subacute otalgia and otorrhea.[] The most reported complaints include sore throat, otalgia or dysphagia. Some patients may complain of feeling the presence of a lump in the throat.[] He also denied hoarseness, dysphagia, odynophagia, otalgia, and unintended weight loss.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Endoglin Gene
  • Pharyngeal Carcinoma

    No other disease exists Presentation Epidemiology smokers drinkers Presentation hoarseness difficulty swallowing otalgia hemoptysis non-healing oral ulcer Treatment Diagnosis[] Symptoms and Signs Oropharyngeal cancer symptoms vary slightly depending on the subsite but typically patients present with sore throat, dysphagia, odynophagia, dysarthria, and otalgia[] Audiological symptoms like tinnitus, otalgia and deafness: These are common symptoms of nasopharyngeal malignancy.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Endoglin Gene
  • Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

    In addition, genetic linkage studies and/or mutation analysis identified endoglin as the disease-causing gene in 6 of these families.[] A genetic test, identifying the mutation in endoglin gene both in the patient and in the father, confirmed the suspected diagnosis of HHT.[] Mutations in two genes, endoglin (ENG) and activin receptor-like kinase 1 (ACVRL1) are associated with HHT.[]

    Missing: Otalgia
  • Pharyngitis

    Hemorrhagic colitis caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus is extremely rare, and much rarer are its complications with pharyngitis and impetigo.[] Six clinical symptom scores, such as the severity of itchy throat, hoarseness, pain, odynophagia, cough and otalgia were evaluated in chronic pharyngitis patients after the[] , dysphagia sore throat, fever, otalgia, dysphagia • Physical ExamPhysical Exam whitish plaques, enlarged/tender whitish plaques, enlarged/tender cervical adenopathycervical[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Endoglin Gene
  • Tonsillitis

    GABHS pharyngitis usually occurs in children 5-15 years old. • Open-mouth breathing and muffled voice resulting from obstructive tonsillar enlargement.[] Abstract Lingual tonsillitis can cause various signs and symptoms including nocturnal or supine cough, constant discomfort in the throat, glossal pain, and otalgia.[] Dysphagia Anorexia Pyrexia Malaise Swollen tonsils with or without exudate 'Thick' or 'hot potato' voice (not hoarse voice) Lymphadenopathy (especially Level II/III ) Referred otalgia[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Endoglin Gene
  • Pharyngeal Disease

    […] diverticulum Perforation of pharynx Pharyngeal abscess Pharyngeal bursitis Pharyngeal diverticulitis Pharyngeal dryness Pharyngeal gag reflex positive Pharyngeal hemorrhage[] Otalgia. Disphagia. Tonsillar bleeding. Signs: Squaemous cell carcinoma always ulcerated. Lymphoma causes unilateral enlargement of the tonsils.[] Posterior space abscesses cause swelling that is more prominent in the posterior pharyngeal wall. Trismus is minimal.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Endoglin Gene
  • Throat Cancer

    […] symptoms are associated with throat cancer: High pitched breath sounds Hemoptysis Chronic cough Difficulty in swallowing Hoarseness of voice Persistent sore throat Neck pain Otalgia[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Endoglin Gene
  • Temporal Arteritis

    Severe Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Sexual Abuse, Child Shoulder Instability Sinusitis Sleep Apnea Splenomegaly Streptococcal Pharyngitis Stroke Stroke, Hemorrhagic Temporal[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Endoglin Gene
  • Common Cold

    The common cold is characterized by symptoms of rhinorrhea, nasal obstruction, sneezing, throat clearing, postnasal drip, and cough. Some of the many viruses that cause colds may cause mild additional symptoms such as sore throat, weakness, dizziness, and tearing. This article presents data concerning the cause,[…][]

    Missing: Mutation in the Endoglin Gene Pharyngeal Hemorrhage

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