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99 Possible Causes for Myalgia, Salt Craving

  • Addison's Disease

    craving.[] We present a 51-year-old male patient, who underwent hemodialysis therapy for 8 years, diagnosed with Addison's disease after having myalgia, skin hyperpigmentation, weight[] […] insufficiency has an insidious onset and presents with many non-specific symptoms and signs: - Weakness and fatigability (99%), anorexia (99%), nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, myalgias[]

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    This situation may be associated with symptoms suggestive of chronic adrenal insufficiency such as hyperpigmentation, salt craving, and association with autoimmune diseases[] A 69-year-old Japanese man with a history of suprasellar surgery and irradiation developed bradykinesia and mild fatigue without muscle weakness, myalgia, pyramidal or extrapyramidal[] Available data suggest that patients with PAI may be underreplaced with FC as symptoms and signs indicating chronic MC underreplacement, such as salt craving and postural[]

  • Salt Depletion

    Salty Deception: What Your Salt Cravings Really Mean New Salt Study Proves to be Misleading “Experts” say that 90% of Americans are eating way too much salt, which puts them[] Heat-Related Illnesses Heat cramps Elevated body temperature Thirst Muscle cramps Sweating Tachycardia Heat exhaustion Same as heat cramps, plus : Nausea/vomiting Headache Malaise/myalgias[] Reach for these good-for-you foods to satisfy salt cravings and get an added nutritional punch. While you're at it, switch to sea salt, says nutritionist Bob Seebohar.[]

  • Milk-Alkali Syndrome

    Salt is important, but progesterone increased my salt cravings. Since I only had iodized salt, I took too much of it, and it started to have bad effects.[] The symptoms of chronic form of the Burnett's syndrome include myalgia, tremor, polyuria, polydipsia, soft tissue calcification, nephrocalcinosis and irreversible renal failure[] The acute form is characterized by fatigue, nausea, vomiting, myalgia and irritability.[]

  • Substance Withdrawal Syndrome

    Indicators point to bath salts having a very high potential for abuse and addiction. Those who have used the drug say that it causes extremely strong cravings.[] […] syndrome is characterized by rhinorrhea, sneezing, yawning, lacrimation, abdominal cramping, leg cramping, piloerection (gooseflesh), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mydriasis, myalgias[] Violence and intense cravings for more bath salts are typical addiction withdrawal symptoms.[]

  • Gitelman Syndrome

    A 22-year male presented with severe episodic fatigue involving all limbs associated with episodes of sinking, palpitations, salt craving, increased thirst and frequent micturition[] She presented with fatigue, myalgias, cramps and paraesthesia. Her physical examination was normal.[] The index patient, her sister, father and two aunts had a history of severe salt cravings, fatigue and tetanic episodes, leading to consumption of large quantities of salt[]

  • Myoadenylate Deaminase Deficiency

    Patients exhibit exercise intolerance, proximal or extraocular muscle weakness, myoclonus, salt craving, ataxia, sensorineural hearing loss, or peripheral neuropathy.[] A diagnosis of tension myalgia or myofascial-type pain is often considered when no objective findings are seen in the evaluation.[] CONCLUSION: MAD deficiency must be ruled out in every patient with exertional myalgia and increased CK which normalizes when asymptomatic.[]

  • Autoimmune Adrenal Insufficiency

    One month after admission, the patient presented to the endocrine clinic with increased fatigue, decreased appetite, weight loss, salt craving and darkening of the skin.[] […] remote type II diabetes mellitus, and premature ovarian failure (POF) presented to the Emergency Department of an academic community hospital with the one day of diffuse myalgias[] Signs and symptoms may include: Extreme fatigue Weight loss and decreased appetite Darkening of your skin (hyperpigmentation) Low blood pressure, even fainting Salt craving[]

  • Addisonian Crisis

    craving (M) arthralgias, myalgias mental health Crisis: GI weakness, apathy, confusion, decreased LOC, coma lightheadedness (result from decreased salt) Excess: Physical[] […] diarrhoea CVS: dehydration, hypotension, refractory shock, poor response to inotropes/pressors fever confusion CHRONIC ADRENAL INSUFFICIENCY GENERAL: weight loss, arthralgia, myalgia[] Nausea and vomiting Hypotension and shock Anorexia Cyanosis or paleness Malaise Petechiae and ecchymosis (Waterhouse -Friderichsen syndrome) Constipation Faintness, numbness Myalgia[]

  • Acquired Amyloid Myopathy

    Patients exhibit exercise intolerance, proximal or extraocular muscle weakness, myoclonus, salt craving, ataxia, sensorineural hearing loss, or peripheral neuropathy.[] Cramps, myalgias, and exertional fatigue are other common presenting symptoms.[] […] disorders of muscle 2016 2017 2018 2019 Non-Billable/Non-Specific Code Type 1 Excludes alcoholic myopathy ( G72.1 ) cramp and spasm ( R25.2 ) drug-induced myopathy ( G72.0 ) myalgia[]

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