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15 Possible Causes for Mycobacterium Avium Complex, Pulmonary Coin Lesion, Pulmonary Infiltrate

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    This case report highlights the risk of misdiagnosis in patients with generalized lympho-adenopathy and pulmonary infiltrates, particularly in Africans young patients.[] avium complex (MAC) infections .[] We present the case of a 45-year-old male diagnosed to have carcinoma base of tongue, whose chest radiograph showed bilateral lung infiltrates and was referred for evaluation[]

  • Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

    In stage 3 sarcoidosis, pulmonary infiltrates without hilar lymphadenopathy occur.[] avium complex, cytomegalovirus, and cryptococcus. [91] Sarcoidosis is confused most commonly with neoplastic diseases, such as lymphoma, or with disorders characterized also[] The patient was a 41-year-old man presenting with stage I pulmonary sarcoidosis (hilar adenopathy), which had progressed to stage II (pulmonary infiltrates) 19 months later[]

  • Mycobacterium Avium Complex

    We report the case of a 58-year-old female who presented with productive cough, weight loss, pulmonary nodular infiltrates and cavitations.[] Mycobacterium Avium Infection Mycobacterium avium Complex DMAC Disseminated infection with mycobacterium avium complex edit English Mycobacterium avium complex disease Human[] The majority of MAC pulmonary cases, however, occur in immunocompetent elderly women in association with nodular infiltrates and bronchiectasis.[]

  • Cryptococcosis

    We made a provisional diagnosis of pulmonary infiltrates with eosinophilia syndrome with eosinophilic meningitis.[] In contrast to Mycobacterium avium complex and cytomegalovirus infections, cryptococcal disease initially was implicated in few reports of unusual manifestations associated[] A 46-year-old woman with extensive pulmonary infiltrates. N Engl J Med 2002; 347:517-524 [Google Scholar] 15. Lam CL, Lam WK, Wong Y, et al.[]

  • Pulmonary Cryptococcosis

    Persons with Cushing's syndrome and a pulmonary infiltrate should be examined for infection with Cryptococcus neoformans in addition to an examination for ectopic adrenocorticotropic[] In contrast to Mycobacterium avium complex and cytomegalovirus infections, cryptococcal disease initially was implicated in few reports of unusual manifestations associated[] The cytologic examination of deep cough samples of sputum in cases with an appropriate clinical setting and pulmonary infiltrates not only can be a rewarding procedure but[]

  • Lymphocytic Interstitial Pneumonia

    The patient was an African immigrant living in Japan who presented with chronic dyspnea and diffuse bilateral pulmonary infiltrates.[] We report a case of a 33-year-old man with alveolar proteinosis complicated by Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex infection.[] […] fibrosis Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia Desquamative interstitial pneumonitis Coin lesion (chest x-ray) Pneumonia Symptoms of Interstitial pneumonia (Interstitial lung[]

  • Tuberculous Gumma

    Radiological investigations were suggestive of pulmonary infiltrates and the patient responded to the combination of ATT and steroids. [14] Thrombocytopenia associated with[] Most NTM disease cases involve the species known as Mycobacterium avium complex or MAC for short, M. abscessus, M. fortuitum, M. abscessus is being seen with increasing frequency[] A chest X-ray revealed diffuse miliary infiltration.[]

  • Histoplasmosis

    The patients exhibited pulmonary infiltrates (83%), fever (76%), cough, constitutional symptoms (38%), headache (35%), and lymph node hypertrophy (33%).[] Differential Diagnosis The differential diagnosis most commonly includes other opportunistic processes, such as PCP, disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infection, miliary[] A lung biopsy specimen may reveal organisms in patients severely ill with diffuse pulmonary infiltrates. Figure 1.[]

  • Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis

    PubMed Google Scholar Zaitzeva SI, Matveeva SL, Gerasimova TG, Pashkov YN, Butov DA, Pylypchuk VS, Frolov VM, Kutsyna GA: Treatment of cavitary and infiltrating pulmonary[] avium complex (1 case), suspected cross-contamination (1 case), suspected specimen mislabeling (1 case), successful treatment using drugs to which the isolate was reportedly[] All 18 had pulmonary tuberculosis; 6 also had extrapulmonary tuberculosis.[]

  • Pulmonary Disorder

    Clinical utility of open lung biopsy for undiagnosed pulmonary infiltrates. Am J Surg . 1992 Aug. 164(2):104-7; discussion 108. [Medline] .[] avium complex (MAC) lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis and sleep disorders.[] Solitary Pulmonary Nodule A solitary pulmonary nodule (SPN) or coin lesion is a mass in the lung smaller than 3 centimeters in diameter.[]

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