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11 Possible Causes for Mycobacterium Avium Complex, Pulmonary Coin Lesion, Splenomegaly

  • Mycobacterium Avium Complex

    He had marked splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, and lymphadenopathy.[] Mycobacterium Avium Infection Mycobacterium avium Complex DMAC Disseminated infection with mycobacterium avium complex edit English Mycobacterium avium complex disease Human[] , 37.5̊C), drenching night sweats, diarrhea ( 3 loose or watery stools per day), abdominal pain, oral candidiasis, significant generalized lymphadenopathy, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly[]

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    USG abdomen showed a liver of normal size and echo pattern with intrahepatic biliary radicle dilatation (IHBRD) in the left lobe, splenomegaly (18 cm), normal common bile[] avium complex (MAC) infections .[] Physical findings are also variable and in descending order of frequency are: fever, wasting, hepatomegaly, pulmonary findings, lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly.[]

  • Pulmonary Histoplasmosis

    […] young, very old, HIV ) to liver, spleen, bone marrow, nodes, lung, rarely to skin Disseminated disease: strongly associated with AIDS; patients have fever, weight loss, splenomegaly[] Differential Diagnosis The differential diagnosis most commonly includes other opportunistic processes, such as PCP, disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infection, miliary[] Chest X-ray films showed diffuse nodules (coin-like lesions) in the lungs in each case. Histoplasmosis was taken into consideration.[]

  • Histoplasmosis

    […] constitutional symptoms, namely weight loss and Karnofsky classification 30, gastrointestinal manifestations with alteration of liver enzymes and hepatosplenomegaly and/or splenomegaly[] Differential Diagnosis The differential diagnosis most commonly includes other opportunistic processes, such as PCP, disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infection, miliary[] Nontuberculous mycobacterial infections, especially Mycobacterium avium complex and Mycobacterium kansasii ; other endemic fungal infections, including blastomycosis, sporotrichosis[]

  • Tuberculous Gumma

    2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code Applicable To Late syphilitic leukoderma Syphilis of adrenal gland Syphilis of pituitary gland Syphilis of thyroid gland Syphilitic splenomegaly[] Most NTM disease cases involve the species known as Mycobacterium avium complex or MAC for short, M. abscessus, M. fortuitum, M. abscessus is being seen with increasing frequency[] […] patients with disseminated tuberculosis. [3] Some of the other mechanisms implicated in the causation of hematological abnormalities in disseminated tuberculosis include splenomegaly[]

  • Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis

    avium complex (1 case), suspected cross-contamination (1 case), suspected specimen mislabeling (1 case), successful treatment using drugs to which the isolate was reportedly[] BACKGROUND: Mycobacterium yongonense is a recently described novel species belonging to Mycobacterium avium complex, which is the most prevalent aetiology of non-tuberculous[] Drugs used in the chemotherapy of tuberculosis, Mycobacterium avium complex disease, and leprosy, p. 1273 -1294. In J. G. Hardman and L. E.[]

  • Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

    The reported prevalence of splenomegaly varies.[] avium complex, cytomegalovirus, and cryptococcus. [91] Sarcoidosis is confused most commonly with neoplastic diseases, such as lymphoma, or with disorders characterized also[] Peripheral lymphadenopathy, iritis, skin lesions, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, interstitial nephritis, peritoneal disease, involvement of other visceral organs, and skeletal[]

  • Cryptococcosis

    Ultrasonography of the abdomen and pelvis showed mild splenomegaly.[] In contrast to Mycobacterium avium complex and cytomegalovirus infections, cryptococcal disease initially was implicated in few reports of unusual manifestations associated[] Physical examination revealed splenomegaly with right sided cervical lymphadenopathy. Bilateral chest crepitations were noted on auscultation.[]

  • Lymphocytic Interstitial Pneumonia

    […] effusions rare Associated findings Anterior mediastinal mass: Thymoma Predisposing condition for hypogammaglobulinemia or myasthenia gravis, either of which may lead to LIP Splenomegaly[] We report a case of a 33-year-old man with alveolar proteinosis complicated by Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex infection.[] […] fibrosis Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia Desquamative interstitial pneumonitis Coin lesion (chest x-ray) Pneumonia Symptoms of Interstitial pneumonia (Interstitial lung[]

  • Familial Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

    .- ) Chronic congestive splenomegaly Splenomegaly, congestive , chronic ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code D73.2 Chronic congestive splenomegaly 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific[] avium complex infections (1) Mycoses (1) Norovirus gastroenteritis (1) Nosocomial infection (54) Occupational exposure (1) Otitis (1) Otitis media (1) Otitis media with effusion[] Lesion, Pulmonary Colic Colitis Colitis, Ischemic Colitis, Ulcerative Collagen Diseases Colles' Fracture Coloboma Colonic Diseases Colonic Diseases, Functional Colonic Neoplasms[]

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