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29 Possible Causes for Mycobacterium Chelonae, Tachypnea

  • Pulmonary Atypical Mycobacterial Infection

    chelonae or Mycobacterium abscessus .[] Regular exposure to certain NTM—mycobacterium avium and mycobacterium chelonae are particularly rapidly-growing and pervasive strains—that thrive in a floating “slime layer[] […] ulcerans Mycobacterium chelonae Mycobacterium fortuitum Mycobacterium abscessus The bacteria gain entry into the body in the following manner: Through inhalation from the[]

  • Scedosporium Infection

    A 75-year-old woman with severe asthma, who was receiving low-dose maintenance corticosteroid therapy, was admitted to our institution because of increasing dyspnea, tachypnea[] Co-infection of Scedosporium apiospermum and Mycobacterium chelonae in an immunocompetent host. J Dermatol, 41 (2014), pp. 922-925 [23] M. Lackner, G.S. de Hoog, P.E.[]

  • Retroperitoneal Abscess

    In advanced cases with septicemia, the patient may be drowsy with decreased level of consciousness. [1] Vital signs Fever Tachycardia Tachypnea Hypotension (if patient is[] To report a case of retroperitoneal abscess caused by Mycobacterium chelonae and treatment. Case report. Private community teaching hospital.[] Retroperitoneal abscess caused by mycobacterium chelonae and treatment. Ann Pharmacother 1993;27:178-179. 13. Rhode CM, Jennings WD.[]

  • Skin Infection

    […] erythematous macules then maculopapules that spread peripherally Abrupt truncal onset, erythematous macules that develop central vesicles in crops Chest findings Cough, tachypnea[] This occurred 10 years after nodules on her right forearm caused by a culture-proven Mycobacterium marinum infection.[] Histopathological examination, polymerase chain reaction and culture of biopsy specimens were positive for M. chelonae.[]

  • Pseudomonas

    […] chemosis, and severe mucopurulent discharge Malignant otitis externa: Erythematous, swollen, and inflamed external auditory canal; local lymphadenopathy Bacteremia: Fever, tachypnea[] Mycobactin analysis as an aid for identification of Mycobacterium chelonae subspecies. J. Clin. Microbiol. 30 : 1225 -1231. Bossis, E., P. Lemanceau, X. Latour, and L.[] Mycobactin analysis as an aid for identification of Mycobacterium chelonae subspecies. J. Clin.[]

  • Surgical Wound Infection

    Core temp 40 C ( 104) Trismus Hypercapnia Tachycardia Tachypnea Hypertension Cardiac dysrhythmias Metabolic acidosis Hypoxemia Myoglobinuria Coagulopathy Clinical manifestations[] BACKGROUND: Mycobacterium chelonae is an uncommon but recognized cause of chronic localized cutaneous infection at a site of penetrating trauma or a surgical wound.[] […] instrumentation during surgery. 4 Diagnosis The most common clinical manifestations of endometritis and pelvic cellulitis are fever within 24–48 hours of surgery, tachycardia, tachypnea[]

  • Cutaneous Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis

    […] stenosis【体静脈狭窄】 (T) *tabes dorsalis【脊髄癆】 *tachyarrhythmia【頻拍性不整脈】 *tachycardia【頻脈】 supraventricular tachycardia【上室性頻脈】 *tachylalia【速語症】 *tachyphagia【速食症】 *tachyphrasia【速語症】 *tachypnea[] The patient experienced Bacille Calmette Guérin, Mycobacterium chelonae, and Salmonella enteritidis infection.[]

  • Gangrene and Necrosis of the Lung

    Physical examination revealed tachypnea (40 breaths/min), tachycardia (142 beats/min) and fever.[] Chelonae (see Mycobacterium Chelonae, [[Mycobacterium Chelonae]]) Mycoplasma (see Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, [[Mycoplasma Pneumoniae]]) Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (see Pseudomonas[] […] accompanied with sharp decreasing of arterial pressure, rapid (more than 100-120 beats/min), small, sometimes thread pulse, and even its disappearance on peripheral arteries, tachypnea[]

  • Mycobacterium Fortuitum

    Glatstein et al 7 (2012) reported a 24-day-old neonate with lung abscess caused by M. fortuitum, presenting with fever, tachypnea, leukocytosis and elevated CRP.[] The patient underwent multiple debridement, and subsequent tissue grew Mycobacterium chelonae and Mycobacterium fortuitum.[] The patient underwent multiple debridement, and subsequent tissue grew Mycobacterium chelonae and Mycobacterium fortuitum .[]

  • Mediastinitis

    He had high fever, chest pain with tachypnea, tachycardia, hypotension, and showed signs of occasional disorientation.[] chelonae and Mycobacterium fortuitum) are infrequently reported.[] Physical examination demonstrated tachypnea; pale mucosa; crackles on the base of the left lung; 2 painless and swollen areas with soft consistency, without erythema or heat[]

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