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108 Possible Causes for Myoclonic Jerking, Night Terrors

  • Epilepsy

    People with JME can have absence seizures, myoclonic (muscle-jerking) seizures, and generalized tonic-clonic seizures.[] Examples include: Breath holding Fainting (syncope) Facial or body twitching (myoclonus) Sleep disorders ( night terrors , sleepwalking, and cataplexy) They may occur just[] These include breath-holding spells , bed wetting , night terrors , tics and shudder attacks . [83] Gastroesophageal reflux may cause arching of the back and twisting of the[]

  • Parasomnia

    Nocturnal polysomnographic recordings showed brief (50-100-ms) myoclonic jerks of myloioideus and masseter muscles occurring during phase 1 of sleep and leading to troublesome[] This week our understanding of the condition has increased slightly with a study finding sleepwalking and night terrors in children are genetically inherited , with those[] Patients referred for insomnia due to myoclonic activity arising during relaxed wakefulness preceding sleep, or complaining of muscular jerks also during intrasleep wakefulness[]

  • Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis

    Typical initial symptoms consist of intellectual decline, deterioration in school performance, and myoclonic jerks.[] Features like myoclonic jerks, cognitive decline and typical EEG findings lead to a strong suspicion of SSPE.[] Carbamazepine, levetiracetam, and clobazam are the drugs most frequently used to control myoclonic jerks.[]

  • Alcohol Withdrawal

    Symptoms are most severe and may include seizures, night terrors, hallucinations and panic attacks.[]

  • Hypersomnia

    Only myoclonic jerks were recorded (Record 1, or R1, on Table ). Three MSLT were performed, two out of them followed the APSS Committee Guidelines 6 .[] NIGHT TERRORS Night terrors are a condition in which the subject reacts to a foreboding sense of fear or terror by screaming, thrashing around or crying, whilst still in a[] Terror, Bruxism, Restless Leg Syndrome, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder Primary Sleep Disorder – Hypersomnia, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Breathing Related Sleep Disorder, Circadian[]

  • Bruxism

    Videopolysomnography revealed myoclonic jerks involving the masticatory and facial muscles recurring mainly during NREM sleep.[] Bruxism can be associated with some mental health and medical disorders, such as Parkinson's disease, dementia, gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), epilepsy, night terrors[]

  • Insulinoma

    This case highlights the importance of considering hypoglycemia in the evaluation of night terrors and new-onset seizures.[] A 16-year-old boy with a recent diagnosis of night terrors was evaluated for recurrent early morning hypoglycemia after an early morning seizure.[]

  • Tonsillectomy

    jerks.[] Signs of obstructive sleep apnea may include, snoring, restless sleep, mouth breathing, drooling at night, bed wetting, morning irritability, night terrors, poor daytime attention[] […] in the postoperative period, she developed sudden onset severe ("thunderclap"), recurrent headaches and focal neurological signs including visual disturbances, ataxia and myoclonic[]

  • Pentobarbital

    On day 6 of admission, the patient started making spontaneous respiratory breaths and the myoclonic jerks stopped.[] terrors Vomiting Long-term effects of pentobarbital abuse may include: Tolerance Physical dependence Addiction Memory loss Respiratory depression Kidney damage Liver damage[] After the first 48 hours, the patient started having myoclonic jerks of his right upper limb, which was thought to be due to hypoxic brain injury.[]

  • Unverricht-Lundborg Syndrome

    The myoclonic jerks occur in the muscles of the arms and legs closest to the torso, and are triggered due to a variety of common external stimuli. [7] Seizures begin at an[] Terrors Somnambulism Chronobiology Disorders Smith-Magenis Syndrome Epilepsy Sleep Disorders Epilepsies, Partial Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm Disorders of Excessive[] In a little over 50% of patients, the initial symptom is involuntary myoclonic jerks. 100,108 Before disease onset, patients are usually healthy.[]

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