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217 Possible Causes for Myoclonic Jerking, Propranolol

  • Dementia

    New or progressive kidney or liver failure may reduce drug clearance and cause drug toxicity after years of taking a stable drug dose (eg, of propranolol ).[]

  • Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

    All of these patients were contacted and asked specifically about myoclonic jerks.[] She was treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the acute attack and was subsequently put on antimigraine medication, propranolol during her hospital stay,[] The myoclonic jerks occur rarely in EMA. They are usually mild and are freqently restricted to the upper extremities.[]

  • Hypoglycemia

    In newborns, hypoglycemia can produce irritability, jitters, myoclonic jerks, cyanosis, respiratory distress, apneic episodes, sweating, hypothermia, somnolence, hypotonia[] Toxins and other illnesses Hypoglycemia can also be caused by toxins (including ethanol, salicylates, propranolol) and illnesses (eg, malaria).[] Drugs Ethanol (including propranolol plus ethanol), haloperidol, pentamidine, quinine, salicylates, and sulfonamides ("sulfa drugs") have been associated with hypoglycemia[]

  • Tricyclic Antidepressant Overdose

    Anticholinergic effects : Dilated pupils; dry mouth; pyrexia from impaired thermal autoregulation and reduced sweating; myoclonic jerks; urinary retention; ileus; toxic megacolon[] Propranolol in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias associated with amitriptyline intoxication. J Pediatr 1973; 82: 65–7 PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 66. Thorstrand C.[] jerks Q3.[]

  • Anticholinergic Toxicity

    Additional manifestations include the following: Sinus tachycardia Decreased bowel sounds Functional ileus Hypertension Tremulousness Myoclonic jerking Patients with central[] […] concerned for respiratory depression Otherwise let the patient "sleep off" the benzodiazepines Glucagon β-blockers IM glucagon best to reverse beta-blocker overdose β-blockers (propranolol[] jerking See Clinical Presentation for more detail.[]

  • Generalized Motor Seizure

    Myoclonic jerks. Increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Diaphragmatic muscles go into spasm.[] Pharmacokinetics pharmacological actions Pharmacological Basis phenobarbitone phenytoin physostigmine plasma concentration platelet poisoning Prazosin produce prophylaxis Propranolol[] By definition, other types of generalized seizure such as absences or myoclonic jerks (characteristic mainly of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy) are not part of this syndrome,[]

  • Opsoclonus-Myoclonus Syndrome

    Clinical features of OMS include opsoclonus with myoclonic jerks and cerebellar ataxia.[] Steroids, baclofen, clonazepam, propranolol, thiamine, valproic acid, 5-hydroxytryptophan, and others have been tried, with variable efficacy (3, 38, 106).[] jerks.[]

  • Dialysis Dementia

    jerks, motor apraxia or immobility, EEG–presence of bilateral synchronous spike and wave activity; other changes include speech defects, seizures, mental deterioration, bone[] Effect of serum from renal failure and cirrhotic patients on the blood-brain barrier permeability to DL-propranolol in rats.[] Findings include the following: Myoclonic jerks, twitches, or fasciculations (ie, uremic twitch-convulsive syndrome postulated by Adams et al in 1997) Asterixis Chorea [5][]

  • Meperidine

    Monitor for tremors, myoclonic jerking or seizures as an indication of normeperidine accumulation.[] Function Responsible for the metabolism of a number of therapeutic agents such as the anticonvulsant drug S-mephenytoin, omeprazole, proguanil, certain barbiturates, diazepam, propranolol[] .; Disposition of Propranolol. VI. Independent variation in steady-state circulating drug concentrations and half-life as a result of plasma drug binding in man.[]

  • Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

    He developed marked rigidity, myoclonic jerks, and startle myoclonus. He was then sent for a brain MRI.[] The serotonin syndrome: case responsive to propranolol. J Clin Pharmacol 1986 ; 6 : 119 -20. 22. Graudins A, Stearman A, Chan B.[] A double blind controlled study of propranolol and cyproheptadine in migraine prophylaxis. Neurol India 2000; 48: 223–226. Da Costa AR, Monzillo PH and Sanvito WL.[]

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