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20 Possible Causes for Myoclonic Jerking, Twitching of the Fingers and Toes

  • Myoclonic Jerking

    Twitches during sleep Sleep myoclonus primarily affects the fingers, toes, lips and eyes, and is often barely perceptible to anyone watching the person in their sleep.[] ., adj myoclon ic. A single myoclonic arm or leg jerk is normal when the person is falling asleep. Myoclonic jerks are severe with grand mal seizures.[] Usually the little prick of pain(like a needle) is in a finger or toe, even if it isn't that exact spot. I had this before my Keppra dose was increased.[]

  • Nocturnal Myoclonus Syndrome

    Twitches during sleep Sleep myoclonus primarily affects the fingers, toes, lips and eyes, and is often barely perceptible to anyone watching the person in their sleep.[] It has frequently been confused with, and should be clearly differentiated from, other normal jerking movements of sleep, such as partial myoclonic jerks and massive myoclonic[] In about 1 out of 5 people, the myoclonic jerks occur primarily on one side of the body. Myoclonic jerks are often triggered by lack of sleep and flashing lights.[]

  • Hypocalcemia

    You may notice, with mildly lowered blood calcium levels, numbness and tingling of your fingers and toes.[] jerks In more severe cases of hypocalcemia, findings can include: -Laryngospasm and stridor -Tetany -Altered mental status -Apnea -Seizures -Hypotension -Decreased myocardial[] Paraesthesiae (tingling, vibrating, burning and numbness) of the face, fingers and toes. Facial twitching. Carpopedal spasm. Stridor. Convulsions (usually grand mal).[]

  • Hypoparathyroidism

    If symptoms do develop, they may include: Weakness Muscle crampsor twitching Pain Difficulty with walking Tingling around the mouth, fingers, and toes Excessive nervousness[] , toes or lips, or muscle twitching or cramping.[] There may be muscle pains, abdominal pain, tingling of the fingers, toes or face, numbness around the mouth, twitching of the face muscles, contraction or tightening of the[]

  • Atypical Absence Seizure

    If the motor areas of the brain are affected there may be twitching, starting in a limb or fingers/toes or the face.[] Myoclonic seizures This leads to sudden, brief seizures with shock-like muscle contractions leading to jerky movements.[] The twitching may remain there, or spread up the whole limb or become generalized to the whole body.[]

  • Focal Motor Seizure

    Your child may: Have twitching or jerking that starts in the face, a finger, or toe and spreads to other parts on the same side of body Have a body part that goes limp and[] The progressive malady was characterized by repeated myoclonic jerks, focal seizures, motor weakness with spasticity or flaccidity, abnormal movements, cerebellar symptoms[] […] of the body occurs about 30 seconds later clonic phase confusion or drowsiness for minutes to hours after Myoclonic Seizures sudden, brief, almost instantaneous jerks of[]

  • Jacksonian Seizure

    The seizure usually begins with a tingling or twitching sensation in a small area such as: Finger Toe Corner of the mouth The sensation then spreads to a larger area of the[] Myoclonic Jerking movements of the body or limbs Benign myoclonus occurs in healthy people, e.g. a ‘jumping’ sensation whilst falling asleep.[] […] or weakness in a finger, a big toe or the corner of the mouth, then marches over a few seconds to the entire hand, foot or facial muscles.[]

  • Muscle Spasm

    , legs, feet, toes, etc.[] "Sleep Starts" (myoclonic or hypnagogic jerks) describes a type of involuntary muscle jerking that takes place just before drifting off to sleep.[] This symptom is also associated with anxiety disorder muscle twitching, muscle twitching pins and needles, muscle twitching and pain, muscle twitching and weakness, muscle[]

  • Paraneoplastic Neurologic Syndrome

    […] and fingers, R visual disturbance, R facial twitching, aphasiaHu, VGKC-complexAchRCell surface/onconeuronalThymomectomyImproved after thymomectomyRickman et al. [ 25 ] 200055MDysarthria[] jerking, memory loss, hallucinations, anxiety; 1yr later, MG.CRMP5; later AchRVGKC-complex, Hu, Ri, Yo, Ma-2, amphiphysinCell surface/onconeuronalThymomectomy, steroids,[] […] taper, not responsive to PLEX or IVIG, but improved with steroids onlyVernino et al. [ 24 ] 200234FVertigo, tinnitus, vomiting; later, leg weakness and numbness, tingling of toes[]

  • Huntington's Disease

    Physical symptoms include: Mild twitching of the fingers and toes Lack of coordination and a tendency to knock things over Walking difficulties Dance-like or jerky movements[] Abnormal movements appear; they include chorea, myoclonic jerks, and pseudo-tics (one cause of tourettism).[] Initially, the movements often occur in the distal extremities such as fingers and toes, but also in small facial muscles.[]

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