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6,496 Possible Causes for Myoglobinuria after Exertion, Pediatric Disorder, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1

    Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. 16th ed. Philadelphia: Saunders; 2000. p. 405. 6. Bickel H, Manz F.[] […] muscle fatigue, myalgia, muscle cramps, muscle swelling; myoglobinuria due to rhabdomyolysis may occur after exercise; severe myoglobinuria may lead to acute renal failure[] Myoglobinuria may occur after exercise[ 163 ].[]

  • Viral Exanthem

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever causes tiny red spots on the palms and soles, and occasionally elsewhere.[] […] stage of Rocky Mountain spotted fever do not blanch.[] People with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever also have severe headaches and often abdominal pain.[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Kawasaki Disease

    These include Rocky Mountain spotted fever, scarlet fever, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and measles.[] (pediatric cardiologists).[] These include scarlet fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Can Kawasaki disease be prevented or avoided?[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Measles

    Parvovirus B19 Infection Pediatric Enteroviral Infections Pediatric Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Pediatric Rubella Pediatric Sepsis Pediatric Toxic Shock Syndrome Roseola[] Reye-syndrome revisited: a descriptive term covering a group of heterogenous disorders. Eur J Pediatr 2000; 159: 641–8 PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 7. Weiner DL.[] These include, but are not limited to, dengue fever, drug reactions, enteroviral infections, fifth disease, German measles (rubella), Kawasaki disease, Rocky Mountain spotted[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Mountain spotted fever, leptospirosis, or measles Case Classification Probable A case which meets the laboratory criteria and in which four of the five clinical criteria[] Tests to rule out other infections, such as an infection of the blood (sepsis), Rocky Mountain spotted fever, leptospirosis, and typhoid fever. How is it treated?[] Negative results on the following tests, if obtained: Blood or cerebrospinal fluid cultures blood culture may be positive for Staphylococcus aureus ) Negative serologies for Rocky[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Bacterial Meningitis

    Mondini dysplasia is rare, but has an important association with recurrent bacterial meningitis. We herein describe the case of a 3-year-old girl with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss who presented with three independent episodes of bacterial meningitis within 8 months. Temporal bone computed tomography indicated[…][]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Rubella

    Scarlet fever. Kawasaki disease. Arthropod-borne infections (eg, Rocky Mountain spotted fever).[] Ind J Pediatr 1989;56:349-54.. Weibel RE, Caserta V, Benor DE, Evans G.[] Elk Grove Village, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics, 1997:344. Alderslade R, Bellman MH, Rawson NSB, et al.[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Purpura Fulminans

    PF though common with rocky mountain spotted fever (RMSF) is rarely seen in association with Indian tick typhus, the usual cause of spotted fever in India.[] J Pediatr. 1959 Feb; 54 (2):206–209. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] VAN CREVELD S. Coagulation disorders in the newborn period.[] Mountain Spotted Fever (see Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, [[Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever]]) Staphylococcus Aureus (see Staphylococcus Aureus, [[Staphylococcus Aureus]]):[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Acute Infectious Lymphocytosis

    Mountain Spotted Fever Theodore E Woodward and J Stephen Dumler 1 Introduction 597 Methodology 598 Biological Characteristics of the Organism 600 Descriptive Epidemiology[] In pediatric ages up to 14 years old, acute infectious lymphocytosis is a clinical disorder, suspected to be of enterovirus-Coxsackie A subgroup that may have upper respiratory[] Institutional outbreaks have supported the infectious nature of the disorder.[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    Rocky Mountain spotted fever was first identified in the 1800s in the Rocky Mountains.[] Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSP) is spread to humans by ticks.[] Rocky Mountain spotted fever has been reported in 46 states.[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion