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720 Possible Causes for Myositis, Osteomyelitis

  • Fusarium Infection

    Localized infection includes septic arthritis, endophthalmitis, osteomyelitis, cystitis and brain abscess.[] Fusarium species osteomyelitis. Case report. J. Bone Joint Surg. Am. 58 : 722-723. [ PubMed ] 11. Boutati, E. I., and E. J. Anaissie. 1997.[] Fusarium osteomyelitis of the foot in a patient with diabetes mellitus. Scand. J. Infect. Dis. 35 : 895-896. [ PubMed ] 8. Baldwin, J. E., and E. P. Wraight. 1990.[]

  • Pyomyositis

    Uncontrolled pyomyosistis can cause sequelae such as septic shock, osteomyelitis of adjacent bone, and septic arthritis.[] myositis are used.[] This rare bacterium is associated with an increased risk of osteomyelitis and despite making a full recovery, the patient was advised to reattend if any future shoulder pain[]

  • Tropical Myositis

    It can mimic a haematoma , thrombophlebitis, fasciitis and osteomyelitis .[] Cell mediated immunity was found to be suppressed in patients of non-suppurative myositis in comparison with the suppurative group.[] […] septic shock distant abscess formation For MRI appearances consider differential diagnosis of skeletal muscle edema on MRI cellulitis necrotizing fasciitis osteomyelitis[]

  • Periostitis

    730 Osteomyelitis periostitis and other infections involving bone 730.0 Acute osteomyelitis 730.00 Acute osteomyelitis, site unspecified convert 730.00 to ICD-10-CM 730.01[] […] ossificans into the heterogeneous group of pseudomalignant osseous tumors of soft tissue or proliferative periosteal processes, whereas other authors place this entity in the myositis[] In addition, according to our evidence, the implication of the zonal pattern in differential diagnosis of FRP and myositis ossificans (MO) could be re-evaluated.[]

  • Bacterial Myositis

    […] septic shock distant abscess formation For MRI appearances consider differential diagnosis of skeletal muscle edema on MRI cellulitis necrotizing fasciitis osteomyelitis[] Subcutaneous tissues appeared normal in patients with bacterial myositis but was not in the others, in whom muscle abnormalities tended to be less prominent.[] Of the remaining 136 patients, 55 (41%) had an associated osteomyelitis, 10 (7%) had concomitant septic arthritis, and 25 (18%) had osteomyelitis and septic arthritis.[]

  • Subcutaneous Abscess

    The mass was excised surgically and tuberculous osteomyelitis was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction.[] Tuberculous myositis: a rare but existing clinical entity . Rheumatology 2003 ; 42 : 836 – 40 . 3 et al.[] Abstract Ten patients with osteomyelitis and three with a subcutaneous abscess, all caused by BCG vaccination, are described.[]

  • Sciatica

    […] stenosis Neoplasm • Primary or secondary Referred pain to spine • From major viscera, retroperitoneal structures, urogenital system, aorta, or hip Infection • Discitis • Osteomyelitis[] Paraspinal muscle biopsy confirmed histological features compatible with myositis.[] Infection: Never forget tuberculosis ( osteomyelitis can occur). HIV predisposes to infections (including tuberculosis ).[]

  • Osteomyelitis

    About 20% cases of osteomyelitis that affect adults are hematogenous in nature. Spinal osteomyelitis occurs in about 1 in every 450,000 population.[] Magnetic resonance imaging of her feet showed bony erosions and suggested osteomyelitis with myositis or septic arthritis, but the response to antibiotics was equivocal.[] Suppurative osteomyelitis Acute suppurative osteomyelitis Chronic suppurative osteomyelitis Primary (no preceding phase) Secondary (follows an acute phase) Non-suppurative[]

  • Bacterial Arthritis

    Even if the infection developed from an adjacent metaphyseal osteomyelitis, no initial bony findings are likely to be apparent until 7-10 days after onset.[] Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment are critical. osteomyelitis spinal diskitis-osteomyelitis infectious myositis cellulitis[] In patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, we encounter reports of septic arthritis, osteomyelitis, and spinal epidural abscess caused by opportunistic microorganisms[]

  • Osteosarcoma

    . & periosteal) • • Ewing's sarcoma • • Leukemia • Lymphoma • Eosinophilic granuloma • Osteomyelitis • Desmoplastic fibroma • MFH / fibrosarcoma • Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma[] Evaluation of the resected specimen showed a high-grade extraskeletal osteosarcoma juxtaposed to the three zones of myositis ossificans.[] General differential considerations include: osteomyelitis other tumors metastatic lesion to bone Ewing sarcoma aneurysmal bone cyst When the lesion is at the posteromedial[]

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