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1,654 Possible Causes for Nabothian Cyst, Unsafe Sexual Practices, Vaginal Bleeding

  • Cervicitis

    Introduction Seen in sexually active women increased risk with unsafe sex practices Can be acute or chronic acute located in transformation zone caused by bacteria, yeast,[] Differential diagnosis for benign cystic cervical lesions includes Nabothian cysts, tunnel cluster, endocervical hyperplasia, and cervicitis, whereas cystic cervical malignancies[] When symptoms occur, the most common are: Vaginal discharge Vaginal bleeding Pain Pain when urinating Pain with intercourse Usually there is no fever.[]

  • Cervical Polyp

    Endocervical polyp with Nabothian cysts Images hosted on other servers : Whole mount Various images Cytology description Tridimensional groups of endocervical cells, may show[] We report the case of a giant cervical polyp of 5.5 cm occurring in a multiparous 47-year-old woman who clinically presented vaginal bleeding.[] Papillary adenofibroma of the uterine cervix . [2] Nabothian cysts . Images EP - low mag. EP - intermed. mag.[]

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  • Cervical Cancer

    In conclusion, although its rarity, clinicians should suspect of cervical cancer in a pregnant woman complaining of vaginal bleeding.[] Advanced-stage cervical cancer almost always presents either with abnormal vaginal bleeding or with foul-smelling vaginal discharge.[] A woman presented to the hospital due to postcoital vaginal bleeding. The patient was initially diagnosed with cervical carcinoma by clinicians at a local hospital.[]

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  • Botryoid Sarcoma

    […] lymphocytes and plasma cells What disorder of the cervix is associated with retention (Nabothian) cysts?[] Clinical characteristics [ edit ] For botryoid rhabdomyosarcoma of the vagina, the most common clinical finding is vaginal bleeding [2] but vaginal bleeding is not specific[] We report a case of a 14-year old female who presented with irregular vaginal bleeding and cervical polyp.[]

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  • Syphilis

    sexual practices that increase the likelihood of acquisition of other sexually transmitted infections,” including HIV, the report said.[] If women have symptoms they include: Pain or burning with urination Vaginal discharge Vaginal bleeding between periods Both men and women can get a rectal gonorrhea infection[] Excessive use of alcohol or other drugs can cloud your judgment and lead to unsafe sexual practices.[]

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  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    You experience vaginal bleeding Your fever shoots up above 100.4 F. You develop chest pain and shortness of breath. Your symptoms persist beyond a week.[]

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  • Mucopurulent Cervicitis

    Following are the major recommendations : Introduction Symptoms Asymptomatic in majority Abnormal vaginal discharge in some Post coital and intermenstrual vaginal bleed Case[] […] periods Vaginal bleeding after intercourse, not associated with a menstrual period When to see a doctor See your doctor if you have: Persistent, unusual vaginal discharge[] Speculum examination showing signs of cervical infection like yellowish discharge, redness with swelling, easy bleeding on probing cervix, cervical erosion to be assessed.[]

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  • Cervical Laceration

    cysts (Nabothian follicle/epithelial inclusion cysts/mucinous retention cysts) : Like ectropion, these mucus-filled lesions are so common as to be considered a normal part[] Had sores in my mouth, abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, hair loss, irregular vaginal bleeding. After 1 month switched to Ortho tricylcin Lo.[] […] lacerations to life-threatening vaginal bleeding.[]

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  • Cervical Pregnancy

    cyst, and cervical mass.[] […] a nonemergency basis, for moderate vaginal bleeding (6 patients).[] Two of 20 patients (10%) had recurrent vaginal bleeding of approximately 50 mL daily after treatment; the other 18 (90%) had no significant vaginal bleeding after UAE.[]

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  • Hematocolpos

    cyst · Cervical incompetence · Female infertility ( Cervical stenosis ) · Cervical dysplasia General Hematometra · Retroverted uterus Vagina Vaginitis ( Bacterial vaginosis[] The patient was discharged after 3 days without pain or vaginal bleeding.[] Transverse vaginal septum with a small fenestration also can present with scant and prolonged vaginal bleeding as the blood collecting behind the septum drains slowly through[]

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