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321 Possible Causes for Narrow Ears, Tinnitus

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    Insertion of the plug was possible in all except two ears, in which it failed because of a narrow tympanic orifice of the ET.[] […] form of background/white noise otherwise my tinnitus becomes very unpleasant and seems to amplify my other symptoms.[] TCI was performed in all except one ear, in which it failed because of an abnormally narrow tympanic ET orifice.[]

  • Otitis Media

    The middle ear is connected to the back of the nose and throat by the Eustachian tube, a narrow passage that helps to control the air flow and pressure inside the middle ear[] Learn More About Topic Tinnitus Over 50 million Americans have experienced tinnitus, or ringing in ears, which is the perception of sound without an external source being[] Common factors that may increase uncertainty include the inability to sufficiently clear the external auditory canal of cerumen, a narrow ear canal, or inability to maintain[]

  • Acrocephalopolysyndactyly

    He had low-set ears, narrow ear canals, ear pits, a highly arched palate, and evidence of chronic otitis media. Slight optic atrophy was noted in the left eye.[] Hearing impairment Dizziness Facial paralysis See also the symptoms of Acoustic neuroma and AcouDizziness Facial paralysis Tinnitus Hearing impairment See also the symptoms[] Balance problems (see Dizziness) Hearing impairment Tinnitus Difficulty swallowing Facial paralysis Eye movement difficulty (see Eye movement symptoms) Speech difficulty See[]

  • Otitis Externa

    Otitis externa may be associated with eczema of the ear canal, and is more common in swimmers, in humid environments, in people with narrow ear canals, in hearing-aid users[] Patients with otitis externa (OE) may complain of the following: Otalgia, ranging from mild to severe, typically progressing over 1-2 days Hearing loss Ear fullness or pressure Tinnitus[] ear canals hearing-aid use mechanical trauma It may be associated with several micro-organisms.[]

  • Tympanic Membrane Perforation

    Eardrum ruptures can happen much more frequently in children because of their sensitive tissue and narrow ear canals.[] In this report, a 43-year-old male patient with unilateral tympanic membrane perforation, tinnitus, and bilateral sensorineural hearing loss caused by thunderbolt strike is[] Most (83%) patients reported symptoms, most commonly diminished hearing (77%) and tinnitus (50%). Outcome data were available for 77% of perforations.[]

  • Microtia

    Microtia is usually accompanied by aural atresia or ear canal stenosis (narrowed ear canal, no hearing change).[] These include: tinnitus (ringing in the ears) nerve damage or injury hearing loss vertigo leaking of the fluid that surrounds the brain Your child may also be at a slightly[] Atresia is the absence of an external ear canal and ear drum while stenosis refers to a narrowing of the canal and a small ear drum.[]

  • Conductive Hearing Loss

    ear canals, and mild conductive hearing loss with onset in childhood.[] The aberrant ICA was treated, and the pulsatile tinnitus disappeared and hearing recovered after the surgery.[] Examination of the ears reveals a somewhat narrow ear canal bilaterally. On the right side, the middle ear contains an effusion.[]

  • Impacted Cerumen

    […] due to skin dryness, excessive hair in the ear or a narrow ear canal, excessive dust in the ear (construction workers, farmers, cabinetmakers etc.[] Impacted cerumen can cause earaches, temporary hearing loss, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), coughing, or a feeling that the ear is full or plugged.[] Causes and risk factors: Narrow ear canals or ear canals that aren't fully formed A lot of hair in the ear canals Bony growths (osetomata) in the outer part of the ear canal[]

  • Deafness

    Narrow ear canals can cause sound from a behind-the-ear hearing aid to ‘bounce’ back off the wall of the ear canal, causing whistling or ‘feedback’ from the hearing aids.[] To quantify the potential effectiveness of cochlear implantation for tinnitus suppression in patients with single-sided deafness using the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory.[] In the 20 ears with absent CN, only one had both normal-sized IAC and CNC.[]

  • Choanal Atresia

    Gene (OMIM 615076) Mutation in the Methylmalonyl CoA Epimerase Gene Mutation in the NPHP1 Gene (OMIM 607100.0001) Mutation in the Slow Type Myosin Binding Protein C Gene Narrow[] […] adult (50 ani) copil (al doilea cc. dupa hepatocarcinom, la noi) B/F 2/1-3/1 FACTORI FAVORIZANTI: HLA-A2, HLA-B17, HLA-Bw46 Virusul Epstein-Barr CLINIC: tensiune in ureche, tinnitus[] Ear Lobes Normal B12 Poor Enamel Poor Somatic Growth Progressive Central Vision Loss Protrusio Acetabuli Short Humeri with Proximal Clubbing and Distal Tapering Villous Blunting[]

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