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221 Possible Causes for Narrow Hands, Numbness of the Feet

  • Raynaud Phenomenon

    Raynaud's (say "ray-NOHZ") phenomenon is a problem when the blood vessels in the hands and feet are extra sensitive and become more narrow than normal.[] […] and tingling in the hands and feet.[] The blood vessels are extra sensitive and become more narrow than normal, making the hands and feet feel very cold and numb for a short time.[]

  • Raynaud's Disease

    When you are cold or stressed, the arteries in your extremities (fingers, hands, feet, toes) narrow, or constrict.[] […] in hands and feet Mood swings Goiter Intolerance to cold High cholesterol and triglycerides Miscarriages Decreased sweating Allergy disorders Muscle and joint pain It is[] Raynaud's (say "ray-NOHZ") phenomenon is a problem when the blood vessels in the hands and feet are extra sensitive and become more narrow than normal.[]

  • Diabetic Ulcer

    Left: Hand held Doppler used with sphygmomanometer to measure ankle systolic pressure.[] This can cause numbness in the feet, particularly while walking.[] Diabetics often experience neuropathy (a lasting numbness) in their feet, which makes it hard to detect if there are cuts and cracks due to malnourished skin.[]

  • Cold Exposure

    Nicotine (from tobacco) and caffeine cause narrowing of the blood vessels in the hands and feet.[] Signs of trench foot include: Red, numb, swollen skin Tingling pain Leg cramps Blisters and ulcers Gangrene (tissues in your feet start to die, causing them to turn blue,[] It usually affects the fingers, hands, toes, feet, ears, and nose. Hypothermia occurs when the body's temperature falls below 95 degrees F.[]

  • Hypertension

    In arterioles, on the other hand, decreases in the density of blood vessels (rarefaction) and in vasomotion amplitude may play a more important role than reductions in lumen[] […] your feet A kind of epidural, CSE provides faster pain relief than an epidural alone.[] […] or was even decreased in hypertensive rats, exaggerated transmural pressures resulted in the isolated blood vessels as a consequence of the law of Laplace because of the narrowed[]

  • Ganglion Cyst

    Raynaud’s phenomenon is a condition characterized by a narrowing of the blood vessels to the extremities, usually the hands, in response to cold temperatures or stress.[] They usually form over a joint or tendon in the fingers, wrists, ankles or soles of the feet.[] Ganglions on the hand, especially on the back of the hand at the wrist joint, are common.[]

  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    Tarsal tunnel syndrome shares some similarities to the more commonly understood carpal tunnel syndrome that occurs in the hand and wrist.[] […] reported numbness, in fifteen of the seventeen feet of those who reported pain alone, and in six of the seven feet of those who had combined numbness and pain.[] The anterior tarsal tunnel syndrome accounts for approximately 5% of cases complaining of feet numbness, which undergo electromyographic and nerve conduction testing.[]

  • Arthritis

    The maximum erosion score of all joints in both hands is 160 and the maximum score for joint space narrowing in all joints of both hands is 120.[] There may also be tingling or numbness in the hands and feet, pain in the jaw, and digestive problems.[] : symmetrical or concentric marginal erosions: due to erosion by pannus of the bony “ bare areas ” Hands and wrists Diagnosis and follow-up of patients with RA commonly involve[]

  • Pregnancy

    These symptoms are due to swelling of tissues in the narrow passages in your wrists, and they should disappear after delivery.[] This is sometimes called the mask of pregnancy Numb or tingling hands, called carpal tunnel syndrome Itching on the abdomen, palms, and soles of the feet .[] What might help: Take frequent breaks to rest hands. Ask your doctor about fitting you for a splint to keep wrists straight.[]

  • Ischemic Peripheral Neuropathy

    […] strokes are described by the 5 most common lacunar syndromes: pure motor hemiparesis, sensorimotor stroke, ataxic hemiparesis, pure sensory stroke, and dysarthria-clumsy hand[] Five days before admission she suffered from acute muscle cramps, followed by muscle weakness in both legs and numbness of both feet.[] Neurotrophic Ulcers With neuropathy being the underlying cause of ulceration, many patients complain of burning, tingling, or numbness of the feet on presentation.[]

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