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1,623 Possible Causes for Nasal Obstruction, Onset between 6 and 14 Years

  • Common Cold

    Participants treated with acetaminophen had significant improvements in nasal obstruction in two of the four studies.[] Subjective severity assessment of nasal obstruction Table 3.[] The common cold is characterized by symptoms of rhinorrhea, nasal obstruction, sneezing, throat clearing, postnasal drip, and cough.[]

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  • Cluster Headache

    Surgery Relieves Chronic Headache for Some Patients Nov. 29, 2018 — Nasal surgery to relieve obstructed breathing can reduce or eliminate chronic headaches in selected patients[] Mean age at onset was 32 (SD 14) years. Seventy three per cent had episodic CH, 21% had chronic CH, and in 6% the periodicity was undetermined.[] Other treatments : sumatriptan injections, zolmitriptan nasal spray or oxygen are usually the first-line treatments.[]

  • Viral Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

    Accompanying symptoms such as headache, myalgia and nasal obstruction also showed a tendency to decrease.[] To dry out the nose and relieve nasal obstruction, try a traditional antihistamine (diphenhydramine [Benadryl ], others).[] Symptoms include nasal obstruction, anterior or posterior purulent nasal discharge, facial pain, decrease in sense of smell, and cough. 26 Rhinosinusitis is classified as[]

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  • Sinusitis

    Unilaterality of nasal obstruction and foul nasal drainage are most suggestive of odontogenic sinusitis, but computed tomography is the gold standard for diagnosis.[] During hospitalization, he complained of nasal obstruction and left neck lymph node enlargement. A mass-like lesion was observed, and a nasal mass biopsy was performed.[] Nasal obstruction and inflammation of the nerve for smell (olfactory nerve) can cause temporary or permanent loss of smell. Vision problems.[]

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  • Hypersensitivity

    B 6 Topical corticosteroids may be used for vasomotor rhinitis associated with nasal obstruction and congestion.[] […] congestion 9 No serious or unexpected adverse events; bitter taste 9 Topical corticosteroids 11 Mometasone furoate (Nasonex) Improvement in nasal obstruction and congestion[] Focal wheezing may indicate foreign body or other airway obstruction, such as a tumor. Skin Check the patient for atopic dermatitis.[]

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  • Acute Sinusitis

    Patients who have had a recent cold, allergies, a nasal obstruction due to polyps, a deviated septum, sinus infection, swollen adenoids, or facial/nasal structure that narrows[] Acute sinusitis usually follows a cold and presents with nasal obstruction, facial pain, dental pain, purulent rhinorrhoea, sinus tenderness and in some cases fever and malaise[] Acute bacterial sinusitis — purulent nasal discharge and nasal obstruction; facial pain, pressure, or fullness; or both — persists for 10 days or more with no improvement[]

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  • Allergic Rhinitis

    After OSR, patients in both groups experienced significant improvement in nasal airway obstruction.[] Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common causes of nasal obstruction, but other diseases need to be considered particularly when the clinical course is getting worse.[] BACKGROUND: Inferior turbinate hypertrophy could be a result of allergic rhinitis (AR) that leads to nasal congestion and nasal airway obstruction, which is the most bothersome[]

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  • Hay Fever

    Rhinitis is a condition that typically involves nasal obstruction or congestion, runny nose or post-nasal drip, itchy nose, and/or sneezing.[] Learn More About Topic css id: Rhinitis Rhinitis is a condition that typically involves nasal obstruction or congestion, runny nose or post-nasal drip, itchy nose, and/or[] obstruction, watery nasal discharge, and nasal itching (P 0.05).[]

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  • Deviated Nasal Septum

    obstruction.[] Currently the main indication to perform septoplasty is nasal obstruction.[] obstruction due to a deviated nasal septum in adults.[]

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  • Adenoid Hypertrophy

    RESULTS: The overall prevalence of adenoid hypertrophy in adults with nasal obstruction approached 63.6% in patients with nasal obstruction and 55.1% in the control group[] OBJECTIVE: We have previously compared the capacity of the nasal obstruction index (NOI) and nasal fiberoptic endoscopy (NFE) to detect adenoid hypertrophy (AH) in children[] OBJECTIVE: To systematically review the evidence for the usage of nasal steroids to improve symptoms of nasal airway obstruction in children with adenoidal hypertrophy.[]

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