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441 Possible Causes for nasi

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  • Sinusitis

    A statistically significant relationship was found between agger nasi cells, Onodi cells, hypertrophy of middle concha, concha bullosa, uncinate bulla, and the medial and[]

  • Oculodentodigital Dysplasia

    These three cases have the characteristics typical of this disorder: narrow nose, hypoplastic alae nasi, microphthalmia, defects of the teeth, syndactylyl of the IV and V[] Affected patients exhibit a distinctive physiognomy with a narrow nose, hypoplastic alae nasi, and anteverted nostrils, bilateral microphthalmos, and microcornea.[] Here, we report on a 14-year-old boy with microphthalmia, microcornea, narrow nasal bridge, hypoplastic alae nasi, prominent columnella, hypodontia, dental caries, and partial[]

  • Frontal Sinusitis

    Abstract Agger nasi cells contribute to nasofrontal duct (NFD) obstruction and chronic frontal sinus disease.[] However, opacification of agger nasi, type 1 fronto-ethmoidal and suprabullar cells significantly influenced frontal sinusitis development.[] Intact agger nasi cells were identified in 86.7% of primary sinuses and 53.5% of revision sinuses.[]

  • Frontonasal Dysplasia

    The main features were severe hypertelorism, downward slanted palpebral fissures, bilateral epicanthal folds, a grossly deformed nose with notched alae nasi, absent nasal[] Craniofacial anomalies in FND include anterior cranium bifidum, ocular hypertelorism, orofacial clefting and notching or clefting of the alae nasi.[] […] hypertelorism; (2) broadening of the nasal root; (3) median facial cleft affecting the nose and/or upper lip and palate; (4) unilateral or bilateral clefting of the alae nasi[]

  • Femoral Hypoplasia

    […] bilateral talipes equinovarus, and an unusual facies consisting of low-set ears with soft cartilage of the helix, up-slanting palpebral fissures, shortened nose, blunt alae nasi[] Two had the characteristic facial pattern of upslanted palpebral fissures, long philtrum with thin upper lip, micrognathia, and hypoplastic alae nasi.[] Short nose with hypoplastic alae nasi. Long philtrum. Thin upper lip. Micrognathia. Cleft palate. Low set poorly formed pinnae. Limbs.[]

  • Teebi-Shaltout Syndrome

    , family a) Head And Neck Ears: low-set ears dysmorphic ears underdeveloped helix small earlobes Head And Neck Nose: wide nasal bridge broad nasal tip underdeveloped ala nasi[] […] characterized by association of dysmorphic facial features (abnormal head shape, narrow forehead, hypertelorism, telecanthus, small earlobes, broad nasal bridge, underdeveloped ala nasi[]

  • Waardenburg Syndrome

    The case particularities are: the correlation between malocclusion and Waardenburg syndrome due to hypoplastic alae nasi and also factors that produced hearing loss, which[] His facial features include dystopia canthorum, mild synophrys, slightly up-slanted palpebral fissure, posteriorly rotated ears, alae nasi hypoplasia and micrognathia.[] […] punctorum lacrimalium lateroversa), high, broad nasal root, confluence of the eyebrows, with hypertrichosis of the medial parts (hyperplasia supercilii medialis and radicis nasi[]

  • Nicolaides-Baraitser Syndrome

    Microcephaly, sparse hair, anteverted alae nasi, undefined philtrum, prominence of distal phalanges and interphalangeal joints, and short metacarpals are also typical of NCBRS[] […] postnatal growth retardation Mild to severe developmental delay Severely impaired speech SeizuresMicrocephaly Sparse hair Progressive skin wrinkling Thick, anteverted alae nasi[]

  • Gorlin-Chaudhry-Moss Syndrome

    […] posterior hairline, coarse hair, synophrys, depressed supraorbital ridges, short and downslanted or upslanted palpebral fissures, ectropion of lower eyelid, underdeveloped ala nasi[] The facies also has several specific traits, like short and downslanted or upslanted palpebral fissures, hypertelorism, bifid nasal tip, underdeveloped ala nasi, small and[] […] posterior hairline, coarse hair, synophrys, depressed supraorbital riddges, short, downslanted or upslanted palpebral fissures, ectropion of lower eyelid, underdeveloped ala nasi[]

  • Nevo Syndrome

    APLASIA OF THE ALAE NASI - BEAK- LIKE NOSE Aplasia of the alae nasi results in a nose that has a beak-like appearance with large nostrils.[] Johanson -Blizzard Syndrome (hypoplasia of the alae nasi , pancreatic insufficiency, aplasia cutis congenita , short stature, mental retardation, dental anomalies, deafness[]

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