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33 Possible Causes for Neck Mass, Subacute Transverse Myelitis

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

    High-resolution computed tomography (CT) of the temporal bone and CT of the neck detected a mass lateral to the left tympanic membrane and another mass in the anterior neck[] Symptoms The most common symptom of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is a mass or swelling of the lymph nodes of the neck, collarbone, groin, and armpit.[] Groups of lymph nodes are found in the neck, underarms, chest, abdomen, and groin. Lymph nodes store white blood cells.[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    The Nurse Practitioner. 21(3):14–29, MAR 1996 Issn Print: 0361-1817 Publication Date: 1996/03/01 Checking for direct PDF access through Ovid Abstract Infectious mononucleosis is an acute, self-limiting, nonneoplastic lymphoreticular proliferative disorder characterized by peripheral lymphocytosis and circulating atypical[…][]

  • Hodgkin Lymphoma

    She developed a discharging lateral neck mass with progressive increase of the mediastinal mass. She subsequently required a neck exploration and mediastinoscopy.[] , particularly in the neck region, and it doesn't disappear after a few weeks, you should see a doctor to have it checked out.[] […] night sweats weight loss (unintended) loss of appetite severe itching (rarely) enlarged spleen cough difficulty breathing swelling of the legs If you discover a painless mass[]

  • Bronchogenic Carcinoma

    He also complained of a mass in his neck, which had grown slowly for over 5 years.[] A mass was noted over the left side of his neck and he stated that this had been present for more than 4 years.[] A computed tomography scan of the neck revealed a left thyroid mass compressing the trachea towards the right side. There was no cervical lymphadenopathy.[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Ovary

    The neck, groin and underarms (axilla) are examined for enlarged lymph nodes. The lungs are carefully examined for excess fluid.[] The abdomen is examined for the presence of an enlarged liver, a mass or ascites. Blood and Other Tests Complete blood count (CBC).[]

  • Gastric Adenocarcinoma

    Here, we present a 45-year-old male complaining of a lymph node mass in the neck, without any abdominal symptoms, diagnosed as HL and gastric adenocarcinoma with hepatitis[]

  • De Quervain Thyroiditis

    A 65-year-old woman presented with a hoarse voice and an enlarging tender mass in the right side of the neck.[] ) Altay F.A....Altay M. 2016 13 Acute transverse myelitis and subacute thyroiditis associated with dengue viral infection: A case report and literature review. ( 27703498[] The thyroid, parathyroid, and neck masses othe than lymph nodes. In: Koss L, Melamed L, editors. Koss′ Diagnostic Cytology and its Histopathologic Basis. 5 th ed.[]

  • Spinal Tuberculosis

    Lymph-node TB in the neck is called scrofula - the usual symptom is a painless red mass in the neck.[]

  • Cerebral Toxoplasmosis

    No typical mass lesions were found in 6 patients with an available CT scan.[] In previous series of cerebral toxoplasmosis [18], [19], meningeal signs have been reported in 3 to 16% of the patients, although in many reports neck stiffness is not mentioned[]

  • Bell's Palsy

    […] should be inspected for cutaneous cancers and palpated for any masses.[] […] sclerosing panencephalitis (see below), syncope, transverse myelitis, tremor hu Megkértél, hogy fáradjak be en paralysis ( Bell s palsy ), neuropathy, neuritis (including[] […] physical examination should begin with careful inspection of the ear canal and tympanic membrane for Herpes zoster infection, suggestive of Ramsay Hunt syndrome. 3 The head and neck[]

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