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493 Possible Causes for Neck Mass, Thyroid Nodule

  • Hashimoto Thyroiditis

    RESULTS: Thyroid nodules were in 20 of the 89 patients (22.4%).[] The anterior neck mass was confirmed to be Hashimoto's thyroiditis. This is a rare association with only two reported cases in the literature.[] The palpable neck mass was nontender, well defined, firm, and unmovable.[]

  • Thyroid Lymphoma

    A large cold nodule was found on thyroid scintiscan of the second patient.[] EVIDENCE SYNTHESIS: Primary thyroid lymphoma should be suspected in patients with a rapidly enlarging neck mass, especially in women with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.[] Presenting symptoms included neck mass (88%), dysphagia (45.3%), and hoarseness (37.3%).[]

  • Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

    Keywords: Carcinoma; Papillary; Graves' disease; Hot nodule; Thyroid carcinoma; Thyroid nodule RESUMO A associação de câncer diferenciado da tiróide com nódulo funcionante[] X-rays Alive with disease 10 (2 cases) 51/M Neck mass No Lung CR 131 I Alive with disease 59/M Neck mass Yes None CR 131 I Alive with disease 11 82/F Neck mass Yes Lung and[] The authors present a case of CMV-PTC in a 10-year-old girl patient without FAP history, who presented with a left neck mass.[]

  • Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma

    Sixteen years later, the patient presented with left neck mass detected by ultrasound in the area of thyroid bed.[] BACKGROUND: To prospectively evaluate the role of procalcitonin (PCT) in screening of patients with thyroid nodules for medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC).[] Our patient presented with neck mass for 1 year with an outside laboratory report of neoplastic lesion.[]

  • Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma

    […] in thyroid nodules with a cytological diagnosis of follicular lesion.[] There were no cervical lymphadenopathy or neck masses.[] Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of neck revealed a mass with destruction of C5 and extension to C6. Histopathology study demonstrated metastatic carcinoma of thyroid.[]

  • Toxic Nodular Goiter

    Clinical science Summary Thyroid nodules are abnormal growths within the thyroid gland.[] She denied any thyroid-related symptoms, including dysphagia, neck mass, palpitations, weight loss or anxiety.[] The thyroid can become very large so that it can easily be seen as a mass in the neck.[]

  • Thyroid Follicular Adenoma

    […] of the left side of the neck.[] Fine-Needle Aspiration of Thyroid Nodule FIGURE 5. Algorithm for fine-needle aspiration of a thyroid nodule.[] Medullary carcinomas tend to present as either one or multiple masses in the neck.[]

  • Hurthle Cell Carcinoma

    A thyroid nodule with elevated plasma levels of calcitonin is usually suggestive of a medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC); however, thyroid and extrathyroid conditions have[] Dysphagia, dyspnea, voice changes and an apparent mass in the neck are main findings.[] Hurthle cell carcinoma of the thyroid is a rare type of thyroid neoplasm. The most common clinical presentation is a single palpable thyroid nodule.[]

  • Thyroglossal Cyst

    Ultrasound examination showed a cystic nodule 8 mm 11 mm 17 mm in the thyroid.[] Cervical bronchogenic cyst is a rare congenital malformation that usually appears as a painless neck mass.[] FNAC of the midline neck mass showed bloody, mucoid material and numerous atypical, elongated cells.[]

  • Parathyroid Carcinoma

    Fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) may fail to distinguish a parathyroid tumor from a benign thyroid nodule because at FNAC, parathyroid and thyroid lesions have some[] Parathyroid carcinoma is a very rare endocrine malignancy, which usually presents with features of hypercalcaemia and a neck mass.[] The overt hyperparathyroid bone or renal disease with palpable neck mass, as well as severe hypercalcemia with extremely high parathyroid hormone, are clinical parameters[]

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