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46 Possible Causes for Neck Pain, Pulsatile Tinnitus, Sensorineural Hearing Loss

  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

    To present the rare case of a young boy with idiopathic intracranial hypertension presenting with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss developing over several months.[] Patients without pulsatile tinnitus were excluded.[] Positive acetazolamide-related effects on QOL appeared to be primarily mediated by improvements in visual field, neck pain, pulsatile tinnitus, and dizziness/vertigo that[]

  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

    Occasionally Chiari patients will have sensorineural hearing loss (Hendrix, 1992; Kumar et al, 2002).[] An 18-year-old female patient presented with left dominant neck pain after a motor vehicle collision.[] Characteristically, but not always, the pain may worsen with neck movement, coughing, or straining movements. Associated neck pain is a frequent complaint.[]

  • Acoustic Neuroma

    Patients with neurofibromatosis type 2 can present with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss caused by bilateral vestibular schwannomas.[] The typical presentation is with adult-onset sensorineural hearing loss or non-pulsatile tinnitus .[] […] head and neck region (26%).[]

  • Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence

    Pure tone audiometry revealed a bilateral, symmetrical, sensorineural hearing loss of 25 dB with a dip to 70 dB at 4000 Hz.[] Pulsatile tinnitus and autophony are now absent in the operated ears. Chronic disequilibrium is subjectively improved.[] However, it is not uncommon for patients with SCDS to complain of neck stiffness or pain.[]

  • Tinnitus

    Sensorineural hearing loss may be caused by exposure to excessive loud noise, presbycusis, ototoxic medications, or Meniere's disease.[] […] and pulsatile tinnitus.[] No other complaints were noted except for occasional minimal left sided neck pain.[]

  • Labyrinthine Concussion

    Etiology of Sensorineural Hearing Loss . In: Cummings otolaryngology head & neck surgery. Elsevier ; 2004 . 5th edition , Chap. 149. Google Scholar 11.[] 2 Responses Did you tell your neurotologist about the pulsatile tinnitus?[] pain with tinnitus and hearing loss.[]

  • Vertebral Artery Dissection

    hearing loss with side-specific ataxia.[] “whooshing” sound in one of the ears, known as pulsatile tinnitus, or a sudden decrease in sense of taste and/or weakness on one side of the body.[] Clinical clue for diagnosis of vertebral artery dissection includes initial symptoms such as headache, neck pain, or dizziness.[]

  • Vestibulocochlear Nerve Disease

    What Causes Sensorineural Hearing Loss? Sensorineural hearing loss may be present at birth.[] For pulsatile tinnitus and typewriter tinnitus, the contact is at the peripheral nervous system segment.[] Cervicogenic Dizziness Neck pain often accompanies dizziness, but it may be difficult to tell whether the dizziness and the neck pain are related or just coincidental.[]

  • Cervicogenic Headache

    CSF leaks can cause low-tone sensorineural hearing loss, resembling bilateral Meniere's disease. This is certainly possible.[] Pulsatile tinnitus is a rare symptom, but cor. Cand se aplica acest.[] Consequently, the PostureJac may be a useful therapeutic tool in the management of cervicogenic headache and mechanical neck pain.[]

  • Acoustic Neuritis

    For patients with labyrinthitis, patients suffer a sensorineural hearing loss of acute onset that may be mild, moderate, severe, or even profound.[] H93.92 Unspecified disorder of left ear H93.93 Unspecified disorder of ear, bilateral H93.A1 Pulsatile tinnitus, right ear H93.A2 Pulsatile tinnitus, left ear H93.A3 Pulsatile[] Neck pain/stiffness suggests meningitis or vertebral artery dissection. Facial weakness is not a feature but may occur in herpes zoster oticus and stroke.[]

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