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1,697 Possible Causes for Neonatal Seizures

  • Skin Infection

    The infant recovered, with no seizures by the 16th day from admission, and was off the ventilator by the 18th day.[] A 1-week-old infant was brought to a regional hospital with a history of recurrent seizures following lower abdominal septic skin infection.[] This was shorter than the usual 3 - 4 weeks for neonates with tetanus at the hospital.[]

  • Fetal Distress in Labor

    The infant may suffer: Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy Meconium aspiration syndrome Cerebral palsy Neonatal seizures 8 Intrapartum Testing Tests utilized to assess fetal well[]

  • Tetanus Neonatorum

    Tetanus was frequently confused with neonatal seizures at time of presentation. All infants were delivered at home.[] Abstract Five infants with neonatal tetanus were managed with neuromuscular blockade and positive pressure ventilation. All survived.[] seizures of the patient.[]

  • Neonatal Hypocalcemia

    Neonatal seizures were significantly associated with neonatal hypocalcemia in the entire sample (P 0.0001), regardless of intellectual level.[] Seven had both neonatal hypocalcemia and neonatal seizures; neonatal hypocalcemia was identified following neonatal seizures in five subjects.[] We report here a 14-day-old neonate presenting with a gradually increasing frequency of tonic seizures.[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    seizures and unexplained spastic cerebral palsy in infants of normal birth weight. 5 Up to 2 percent of maternal carriers deliver infants with invasive group B streptococcal[] Signs and symptoms of GBS neonatal infection may include fever , breathing problems, seizures , lethargy, and poor feeding.[] […] pelvic thrombophlebitis, endocarditis and sepsis. 3 , 4 Clinically diagnosed maternal intrapartum infection is strongly associated with five-minute Apgar scores below 6, neonatal[]

  • Pyridoxine Dependency Syndrome

    Folinic acid–responsive seizures are another treatable cause of neonatal seizures.[] […] sleep myoclonus or benign neonatal seizures.[] The classic clinical presentation is neonatal seizures responsive only to pyridoxine therapy.[]

  • Hypomagnesemia

    Because their serum calcium levels were low at the early stage, the diagnosis of late-onset neonatal hypocalcemia was mistakenly made.[] , usually tonic-clonic, can occur in neonates and adults in association with severe hypomagnesemia. 10 Evaluation Physical examination may reveal an abnormal mental status[] Their seizures did not respond to parenteral calcium initially, but were completely terminated after the administration of magnesium.[]

  • Neonatal Intracranial Hemorrhage

    […] period is not obvious, And in the months after birth, chronic subdural effusion, seizures, developmental delay and anemia.[] Neurologic manifestations like neonatal seizure, decreased level of consciousness, increased intracranial pressure are the most common presentations of ICH in term newborns[] In the present study, the most frequent form of ICH in neonates was SDH.[]

  • Aminoaciduria

    CSF amino acid analysis is critical to the differential diagnosis of neonatal onset seizures including the detection of nonketotic hyperglycinemia and serine synthesis disorders[] This test is appropriate for diagnostic confirmation following a positive newborn screen result or in individuals who present symptomatically with developmental delay, seizures[]

  • Neonatal Hypoglycemia

    Nine children with neonatal seizures had moderate or severe white matter injury and 7 had cortical involvement.[] Twenty-seven patients with seizure and history of neonatal hypoglycemia were compared with 28 children suffering from idiopathic occipital epilepsy.[] Fourty five patients (range 6 mo-15 y) with a history of symptomatic neonatal hypoglycaemia were included the study.[]

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