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26 Possible Causes for Neonatal Urinary Ascites

  • Ureteral Obstruction

    Aspergillus osteomyelitis has been reported as a result of dissemination in solid organ transplant recipients. Vertebral osteomyelitis is one of the most common forms of Aspergillus osteomyelitis. An Aspergillus fungal ball is a rare cause of ureteral obstruction. We describe an unusual case of simultaneous vertebral[…][]

  • Bladder Neck Obstruction

    Primary bladder neck obstruction (PBNO) is a condition in which the bladder neck does not open appropriately or completely during voiding. Although the true prevalence of PBNO is difficult to ascertain, studies in both men and women with voiding dysfunction demonstrate a marked prevalence of the condition.[…][]

  • Congenital Hydronephrosis

    Abstract Renal function of 18 infants who had undergone surgery in the neonatal period because of severe congenital hydronephrosis was followed up for 5 to 36 months (mean /- SD 21 /- 10 months). In all cases the diagnosis was made prenatally by sonography and confirmed at birth by intravenous urography.[…][]

  • Ascites

    In this report, we present a unique case of neonatal urinary ascites caused by congenital supravesical obstruction.[] As early as 1894 Fordyce (2) published a review of fetal and neonatal ascites.[] Biliary, urinary, and chylous ascites Neonatal ascites is usually biliary, urinary, or chylous.[]

  • Neurogenic Bladder

    Tests revealed urinary ascites and renal insufficiency which spontaneously resolved after transurethral urinary drainage was established.[] This rare complication should be considered in neonates with high intrapelviureteric and intrarenal pressure as a result of high-grade vesicoureteral reflux with paraureteral[]

  • Urethral Valve Formation

    Moncada R, Wang JJ, Love L, Bush I (1968) Neonatal ascites associated with urinary outlet obstruction (urine ascites). Radiology 90:1165 PubMed Google Scholar 11.[] Development of renal function after neonatal urinary ascites due to obstructive uropathy. J Urol. 2002; 168 (2):675–8. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] 20.[] Urinary extravasation resulting in either urinary ascites or an isolated urinoma has been described primarily in the neonatal period and presumably result from increased pressure[]

  • Hydronephrosis

    […] acidosis, hyperkalemia, hypomagnesium, hypophosphatemia, urinary tract infection, renal calculi, hypertension, polycythemia, neonatal ascites and post-obstructive diuresis[] Morbidity and mortality due to urinary tract obstruction is secondary to renal insufficiency/failure, salt-loosing nephropathy, urinary concentrating defects, renal tubular[]

  • Anuria

    Aspiration by paracentesis was performed for the urinary ascites and continuous drainage through an 8 Fr pig tail catheter for the urinoma.[] The literature on renal fungus balls in neonates and infants is reviewed.[]

  • Congenital Urethral Stricture

    In high-grade obstruction, a neonate may present with perirenal urinoma, dysplastic kidneys, or urinary ascites. [14], [15] Nowadays, the entity is termed congenital obstructive[]

  • Meningomyelocele

    Fetal or neonatal urinary ascites is a rare phenomenon, particularly when secondary to rupture of a neuropathic bladder in a fetus with meningomyelocele.[] We report a case of urinary ascites secondary to rupture of a neuropathic bladder, which was successfully diagnosed via fetal paracentesis at 37 weeks.[] To date, all similar cases have only been diagnosed in the neonatal period.[]

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