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519 Possible Causes for Neural Hearing Loss

  • Impacted Cerumen

    OBJECTIVES: Impacted cerumen in the ear canal is a common problem that can cause discomfort or prevent assessment. Cerumen removal can have deleterious side effects if performed improperly. We created an aural irrigation system which is currently not available on the market to provide a continuous flow of water[…][]

  • Acute Otitis Media

    Campylobacter rectus is a member of the human oral flora and is associated with periodontal disease. We report the first case of severe acute otitis media (AOM) due to C. rectus in a previous healthy 15-year-old boy, which was confirmed by 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing. C. rectus is a possible causative[…][]

  • Temporal Bone Fracture

    hearing loss.[] CSF leak and sensori neural hearing loss are common in otic capsule violating fractures. Mechanical factors: 1. The human skull deforms before actual fracture occurs 2.[] Neural hearing loss The 8th nerve is hard to damage as it is encased in hard bone.[]

  • Otosclerosis

    Sensori-neural (inner ear) hearing loss In some cases the abnormal bone metabolism can go on to affect the inner ear resulting in what is known as a sensory neural hearing[] If the hardening process spreads to the inner ear, it causes a sensori-neural hearing loss.[] Otosclerotic foci may involve other portions of labyrinth causing sensori neural hearing loss and vestibular abnormalities.[]

  • Malignant Otitis Media

    […] of hair cells Neural hearing loss – The problem is with damage to the vestibulocochlear nerve, CN VIII.[] Neural loss Acoustic neuroma Multiple sclerosis I came in to see my physician assistant because of… People keep telling me I can’t hear.[] This is the least common form of hearing loss.[]

  • Tympanic Membrane Perforation

    .  Conductive Hearing loss 40db suspicion for ossicular discontinuity  Hearing test reveals sensori-neural Hearing Loss, it means inner ear injury 7.[] Patients with tympanic membrane perforation and pure conductive hearing loss were included in middle ear damage, whereas patients with mixed, pure sensory neural hearing loss[]

  • Tympanosclerosis

    Loss Sensorineural hearing loss encompasses disorders that affect the inner ear and the neural pathways to the auditory cortex.[] Causes of Hearing Loss: Medications Viagra and Hearing Loss.[] Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when there is a problem within the cochlea or the neural pathway to the auditory cortex.[]

  • Middle Ear Cholesteatoma

    Diagnosis of acquired middle ear cholesteatoma on MR imaging is mostly done on late postgadolinium T1-weighted MR images and/or echo-planar (EPI) diffusion-weighted (DWI) MR images. We describe the appearance of a case of a complicated attical middle ear cholesteatoma on single-shot (SS) turbo spin-echo (TSE) DWI[…][]

  • Mastoiditis

    Progressive facial paralysis in the presence of stable conductive hearing loss without a history of chronic otitis media suggests the presence of congenital cholesteatoma.104[] Facial paralysis associated with chronic otitis media is usually caused by neural compression from the mass effect of cholesteatoma.[]

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta

    loss 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code Applicable To Central hearing loss NOS Congenital deafness NOS Neural hearing loss NOS Perceptive hearing loss NOS Sensorineural[] Non-Billable/Non-Specific Code Applicable To Deafness NOS High frequency deafness Low frequency deafness congenital H90.5 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code H90.5 Unspecified sensorineural hearing[]

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