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2,411 Possible Causes for nevus

  • Malignant Melanoma in Childhood

    METHODS AND RESULTS: Reported is a case of a 5-year-old boy with a congenital large melanocytic nevus of the head and neck who presented with a short history of low back and[] This series included an infant born with neurocutaneous melanosis, a child with malignant melanoma developing in a large congenital nevus at the age of 13 years, a superficial[] Spitz nevus and Spitzoid melanoma overlap clinically and histopathologically and there have been many attempts to differentiate between them.[]

  • Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome

    What is blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome?[] […] with serious, potentially fatal bleeding and anemia BRBN Bean Syndrome BLUE RUBBER BLEB NEVUS edit Language Label Description Also known as English Blue rubber bleb nevus[] Blue rubber bleb nevus; Bean syndrome at NIH 's Office of Rare Diseases[]

  • Blue Nevus

    These lesions are distinct from typical compound nevus, Spitz nevus, epithelioid blue nevus, and desmoplastic melanoma, to which they are often compared.[] Blue nevus (also known as "blue neuronevus", "dermal melanocytoma", and "nevus bleu") is a type of melanocytic nevus.[] Blue nevus is a benign melanocytic lesion whose most frequent variants are dendritic (common) blue nevus and cellular blue nevus.[]

  • Juvenile Nevus

    […] atypical nevus.[] Preferred Name Epithelioid and spindle cell nevus Synonyms Pigmented spindle cell nevus of Reed ID Active 1 altLabel Pigmented spindle cell nevus of Reed Pigmented spindle[] The nuclei of the subepithelial nevus cells were larger than the epithelial nevus cells in 19 nevi (59%) and the same size in 13 (41%).[]

  • Nevus Sebaceous

    Nevus sebaceous is classified as a benign tumor of the skin.[] Nevus sebaceus Nevus sebaceus or sebaceous nevus (the first term is its Latin name, the second term is its name in English; also known as an " organoid nevus " [1] : 661 and[] Abstract Linear Nevus Sebaceous Syndrome (LNSS) is a rare sporadic oculoneurocutaneous disorder, also classified as Organoid Nevus Syndrome.[]

  • Syringocystadenoma papilliferum

    Nevus sebaceous (NS) is a clinically common benign tumor and has a high potential to develop into a great diversity of neoplasms of epidermal and adnexal origins.[] Sebaceous carcinoma arising within a nevus sebaceus is a rare occurrence.[] A background nevus sebaceus was shown histologically. Total excision was curative with no recurrence.[]

  • Woolly Hair Nevus

    The concurrent findings of a white sponge nevus, a woolly hair nevus, and an ipsilateral epidermal nevus, to our knowledge, have not been previously reported.[] We report the first case of woolly hair nevus with onset during adolescence. Marked improvement was evident 5 years after onset.[] From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search No description defined Wooly hair nevus edit Language Label Description Also known as English Woolly hair nevus No description[]

  • Congenital Nevus

    […] the nevus.[] Although Unna's nevus is clinically an acquired nevus, it has many histopathologic characteristics of a congenital melanocytic nevus and is therefore likely a tardive congenital[] We report a case of an anterior mediastinal mass in a patient with a giant congenital nevus and neurofibromatosis type I.[]

  • Congenital non-neoplastic naevus

    Alternative Names Congenital giant pigmented nevus; Giant hairy nevus; Giant pigmented nevus; Bathing trunk nevus; Congenital melanocytic nevus - large Causes These marks[] From the histological standpoint, however, CMN is generally differentiated from acquired nevus mainly by its larger size, the dissemination of nevus cells into the deeper[] […] verrucous epidermal nevus. ( 29536972 ) Bains A...Nalwa A 2019 4 Inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus associated with erosive monoarthritis. ( 29974513 ) Bertolin-Colilla[]

  • Becker Nevus Syndrome

    Becker nevus syndrome is a phenotype characterized by the fundamental presence of Becker's nevus with ipsilateral hypoplasia of the breast or other skin, skeletal and/or muscular[] The Becker nevus syndrome usually occurs sporadically.[] The association of Becker's nevus with other cutaneous, musculoskeletal or maxillofacial anomalies is called Becker nevus syndrome.[]

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