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16 Possible Causes for Night Sweats, Petechiae, Vegan Diet

  • Estrogen Deficiency

    Sleep can be affected by hot flashes and night sweats, and a lack of quality sleep has its own adverse effects on health.[] In ovulatory women younger than 45, slightly low estrogen production can be due to low body weight, excessive exercise, stress, smoking or a vegetarian/vegan diet.[] Often, inflammation with patchy erythema, petechiae and increased friability may be present.[]

  • Constitutional Megaloblastic Anemia due to Folate Metabolism Disorder

    Stage A (lack of constitutional sx); Stage B (fever, night sweats, weight loss, pruritis, fatigue) What are the various sub-types of Hodgkin's disease?[] Progressive pancytopenia Macrocytosis Multiple congenital anomalies Increased chromosome breakage in peripheral blood IymphocytesClinical FindingsThrombocytopenia : Purpura, petechiae[] Eating a vegan diet which excludes eggs, diary products, meat and fish Folic acid deficiency Folic acid deficiency is usually caused by an inadequate intake of folic acid,[]

  • Normochromic Anemia

    Term The manifestation of leukemia include: a. petechial hemorrage b. hyperuricemia c. weight loss d. night sweats e. all of the above Definition Term Acute ITP is: a. more[] Prolonged breastfeeding, excessive amounts of cows' milk and strict vegan diets may lead to iron deficiency anemia due to insufficient dietary iron.[] […] fatigue, malaise, pallor, purpura, mucosal bleeding, petechiae, infection what are the labs with chronic kidney disease?[]

  • Oligoarthritis

    During the 2 days prior to his visit to the clinic, the patient said he’d had a fever and night sweats; he denied ocular symptoms, GI complaints, dysuria, or penile discharge[] I’m not going to go vegan obviously, it’s just that’s not me kind of thing.[] Abstract The mother of an eight-month-old child with meningitis presented with petechiae on her trunk and lower extremities, fever, and oligoarthritis.[]

  • Traumatic Hemolytic Anemia

    History: Ask about changes in the color of their urine or feces, recent bleeding or trauma, fever, malaise, night sweats, or other systemic symptoms.[] Strict vegetarians (vegans) who have vitamin deficiencies Long-term alcoholics who have vitamin deficiencies Patients with long-term or serious conditions (kidney disease[] He did not have petechiae or other rashes. Abdominal examination findings were otherwise unremarkable, with no hepatosplenomegaly. Diagnostic tests.[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Secondary Polycythemia

    . • Blurred vision and night sweats. • Redness of the skin especially the face, may look red, ruddy cyanosis. • Weight loss. • Hypertension. 9.[] diet or lack of instrinsic factor Common reason for vitamin B12 deficiency Lack of instrinsic factor Role of instrinsic factor Origin of intrinsic factor Parietal cells in[] […] control the platelet count. • Cytotoxic myelosuppression – considered if there is poor tolerance of venesection, progressive spleenomegaly, thrombocytosis, weight loss or night[]

  • Primrose Syndrome

    Hot flashes and night sweats due to menopause.[] Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.[] Down the primrose path: petechiae in a neonate exposed to herbal remedy for parturition. J Pediatr. 2008;152(1):140. 21. Dove D, Johnson P.[]

  • Procarbazine

    He presented with complaints of recurrent episodes of high fevers, chills, night sweats, fatigue, itchiness for about 3 months.[] I was all ready to do a vegan diet and NOT chemotherapy at the beginning. Who wants to do chemo??[] Report to physician immediately signs of hemorrhagic tendencies: Bleeding into skin and mucosa, epistaxis, hemoptysis, hematemesis, hematuria, melena, ecchymoses, petechiae[]

  • Rheumatoid Nodule

    Night sweats and itching with skin nodules suggests lymphoma. These are B features. Examine lymph nodes, liver and spleen carefully.[] Again, it seems my vegan diet has controlled my symptoms even though most say diet does not have a major effect. However, I am sure a healthy diet can not hurt.[] Skin changes caused by rheumatoid vasculitis include: Skin ulcers (usually leg ulcers ) may be extensive and painful Petechiae (purplish spots) or purpura Nail fold or edge[]

  • Anemia

    Consider constitutional symptoms of chronic illnesses (eg, weight loss, night sweats, rashes, bowel changes).[] You eat a vegan diet Iryna Imago/Shutterstock Because iron is in soy beans, dark green leafy vegetables, and tofu in addition to lean red meat, vegans and vegetarians can[] You may have tiny red dots on your skin, called petechiae (pe-TEEK- ee-ay). These are commonly found on your lower legs. This is a sign of low blood platelets.[]

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