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160 Possible Causes for Night Sweats, Testicular Mass

  • Orchitis

    We report brucellar orchitis, a rare cause of testicular mass, in a 22-year-old man.[] He had fever, arthralgia and night sweats. Ultrasound examination revealed enlarged left epididymis and testicle.[] sweats and fatigue.[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm of the Testis

    […] of testicular masses in patients with other malignancy.[] In 25-41% of patients the disease presentation is with fever, night sweats, and weight loss but are more frequent in the advanced stage , , .[] & adults present with testicular mass & some 10-30 % have gynaecomastia 56.[]

  • Orchitis and Epididymitis

    ; normal cremasteric reflex Testicular masses or swollen testicles with hypoechoic and hypervascular areas Testicular torsion Acute onset of pain, usually severe High-riding[] Symptoms include scrotal pain and enlargement with or without constitutional symptoms (fever, night sweats, etc.).[] mass XIII.[]

  • Extranodal Nasal NK-T-Cell Lymphoma

    We report the case of a 28-year-old man presenting with a painful testicular mass noted for six weeks. The patient received surgical testicular and epididymal biopsies.[] Systemic symptoms B symptoms (weight loss, fever, fatigue, night sweats, bone pain) occur in less than 20% of patients. Prognosis Clinically aggressive; dismal prognosis.[] sweats Fever (for no known reason) Midfacial destructive lesion s Pain in the chest, abdomen , or bone s (for no known reason) Weight loss (for no known reason) Diagnostic[]

  • Dermatomyositis

    He underwent a left orchidectomy and histology of the testicular mass showed a plasmacytoma with the same monoclonal light chain restriction as at diagnosis.[] sweats What sets the two apart is that in dermatomyositis a rash can appear on the skin as well as swelling of the skin.[] As expected, the fever and night sweats completely resolved, and the spleen size decreased.[]

  • Carboplatin

    Illustrative case report A 28 year old hairdresser had been well until February 1994 when a left testicular mass was discovered.[] Common symptoms can include: hot flushes and night sweats mood changes joint aches and pains vaginal dryness Back to top 5.[]

  • Testicular Choriocarcinoma

    The histopathological assessment of the biopsied tissue, in combination with elevated serum β-HCG levels and presentation of testicular mass, indicated primary testicular[] Review of symptoms was positive for fatigue, weight loss and night sweats.[] mass; the astute clinician should also know the signs and symptoms of choriocarcinoma syndrome, characterized by bleeding from metastatic sites, which represents a medical[]

  • Lethal Midline Granuloma

    Finally, disseminated disease features may include abdominal mass, hepatosplenomegaly, and testicular mass.[] The presence of B symptoms such as night sweats and weight loss may give a clue toward an underlying malignancy.[] sweats Fever (for no known reason) Midfacial destructive lesion s Pain in the chest, abdomen , or bone s (for no known reason) Weight loss (for no known reason) Diagnostic[]

  • Mixed Germ Cell Tumor

    In this instance, the testicular mass ruptured and lead to significant testicular hemorrhage.[] The patient presented with pain in the right lumbar region for three months, anorexia, significant weight loss, night sweats, and generalized weakness.[] A 21-year-old patient consulted a urologist concerning a giant testicular mass. At the time of presentation the tumor measured 29 x 20 x 16 cm, with a weight of 4,850 g.[]

  • Malignant Mesothelioma

    Ulceration was also present, and a firm 5-cm palpable testicular mass was also found. The patient had been exposed to asbestos for 40 years.[] Later in the disease, patients may experience weight or appetite loss , fatigue , fever , night sweats or anaemia .[] In cases of pleural mesothelioma, which affects the lining of the lungs, the most common symptoms are night sweats, fever and weight loss, while symptoms of peritoneal mesothelioma[]

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