4,151 Possible Causes for No Deafness

  • Upper Respiratory Infection
  • Sinusitis
  • Adenovirus Infection

    The hearing loss may be partial or total and is frequently permanent when untreated.[nejm.org] However, emergency treatment soon after the onset of the sudden deafness will restore the hearing to normal in over 60 per cent of the patients. 1 , 2 This report documents[nejm.org] […] the first patient with sudden deafness who was proved to have a viral infection.[nejm.org]

  • Deafness

    […] who are Deaf or have a hearing loss are of working age (15-64 years).[deafness.org.au] Definition: Inability to hear clearly. Cause: 1. It has been proven that certain types of drugs, including aspirin, can cause hearing loss.[herballegacy.com] Culture Deaf baby boy happily hears his mom's voice for the first time Only able to hear 75 decibels in his right ear and profoundly deaf in his left ear, Elijah Cook was[mashable.com]

  • Enamel Hypoplasia

    Genes Disability Encyclopaedia for patients Encyclopaedia for professionals Emergency guidelines Sources/procedures Homepage Rare diseases Search Search for a rare disease Deafness-enamel[orpha.net]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    loss and more serious sequellae.[books.google.de] If the tube remains open, the patient complains of hearing one's own voice or one's breathing as too loud (autophony), hearing echoes of one's own voice, or hearing ocean[mottchildren.org] The cochlear implant has revolutionized the treatment of deafness.[books.google.de]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    Very rarely, complications can develop such as meningitis , and some babies can be left with problems, such as deafness, blindness or poor vision, and memory problems.[netdoctor.co.uk] […] inner ear infection include: severe earache a high temperature (fever) of 38 C (100.4 F) or above flu-like symptoms in children, such as vomiting and a lack of energy slight deafness[hse.ie]

  • Virilization

    Associated findings were blindness, deafness and several metabolic abnormalities, including hyperuricemia and elevated serum triglyceride and pre-beta-lipoprotein values.[nejm.org]

  • Congenital Deafness

    DFNB1 (connexin 26) is the most common form of genetic hearing loss. It presents as prelingual deafness, sometimes with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.[dizziness-and-balance.com] LEVEL OF DEAFNESS Normal hearing 0-20dB Mild hearing loss 20-40dB Moderate hearing loss 40-60dB Severe hearing loss 80 dB Complete hearing loss No response upto 110 DbPre-lingual[slideshare.net] If the cause of a diagnosed hearing loss remains unidentified, a clinical examination of the ear anatomy and other features linked to syndromic deafness is necessary.[symptoma.com]

  • Dementia

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