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232 Possible Causes for no man's land

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  • Lenegre Disease

    Peking University People's Hospital, Beijing 100044; Clinical study of axis of ″no man's land″ in patiens of coronary heart disease with ventricular tachycardia [J];Journal[] Hospital, Beijing, 100044, China.; Clinical study of axis of "No Man's Land" of multiple ventricular originating sites by analysis the pacing 12-lead body-surface electrocardiogram[] Land” in Patients with Idiopathic Ventricular Tachycardia [J];Journal of Clinical Electrocardiology;2005-01 2 Aijun Hou, Jihong Guo, Xuebin Li, Peking University People's[]

  • Psychogenic Movement Disorders

    This situation is likely to have been influenced by the "no man's land" that such patients occupy between neurologists and psychiatrists, often with neither side feeling a[]

  • Snow Blindness

    Hulton Archive/Getty Images Francis himself knows what its like to minister in Antarctica's no-man's land: He spent 14 months as a base doctor at the British-run Halley Research[] NAVIGATION REVIEW 11-473 NUTRITION 11-485 HYPOTHERMIA 11-494 FREEZINGNEAR FREEZING TISSUE INJURIES 11-502 EXTREME COLD WEATHER TENT 11-510 PERSONAL TEAM STOVES 11-516 TEN MAN[] CARE OF MILITARY SKI EQUIPMENT 6 MILITARY SNOWSHOE MOVEMENT 11-436 PREVENTIVE MEDICINE 11-446 PATIENT ASSESSMENT 11-451 TRIAGE 11-460 TACTICAL COMBAT CASUALTY CARE 11-467 LAND[]

  • Toxic Effect of Chlorine Gas

    ’s land and down into their trenches.[] The theory went that the pale green or yellow gas would be slowly pushed over no-mans-land towards the French lines by the wind.[] 'Eyes burning' A man receiving treatment in hospital said he had been in the Zebdieh area of the city, where he lives, when two missiles landed near him and a group of friends[]

  • Mustard Gas Poisoning

    ’s land and down into their trenches.[] Since it was heavier than air, vapours would settle into shell-holes, craters and trenches and taint the water that collected in No Man’s Land.[] When the shelling died down, the Allied defenders waited for the first wave of German attack troops but instead were thrown into panic when chlorine gas wafted across no-man’s[]

  • Hysteria

    After World War I, the neurological and psychiatric interest in hysteria again faded away, and this condition largely went back to the no-man's land, where it had been before[]

  • Night Terrors

    “So what can happen sometimes is you sort of get into no man’s land where your brain waves are completely asleep, but your muscle function comes back so these kids are able[] During a night terror, a child’s eyes may be open, and they may have partial motor control of their body, but they’re caught in a no man’s land between sleeping and waking[]

  • Exposure to Agent 15

    While I was in class, we listened to the radio as man landed on the moon for the first time. And I felt more abandoned to fate than the guys in Apollo 11.[]

  • Heavy Metal Poisoning

    The ill wind that blew chlorine gas from the German lines across no man's land in World War I and that started a race for the development of more and deadlier chemicals for[]

  • Tenorio Syndrome

    “The diagnosis gave us a point to move forward from, rather than just existing in that scary no-man’s land where we knew nothing,” Lapidus said.[] “Unfortunately, there are a lot of people living in that no-man’s land, desperate for any type of answers to their medical conditions,” said Dr.[]

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