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2,188 Possible Causes for No Polydactyly

  • Patau Syndrome

    Patau syndrome has an incidence of 1/10.000-20.000, the clinical diagnosis being suggested by the triad cleft lip and palate, microphthalmia/anophthalmia and postaxial polydactyly[] Cleft lip/palate, micro- or anophthalmia, coloboma (even in the absence of major brain malformations), regions of occipital cutaneous aplasia, postaxial polydactyly, cardiac[] It leads to a variety of abnormalities that include mental retardation, microcephaly, low-set ears, eye structural defects, polydactyly, and limb abnormalities The presence[]

  • Laurence Moon Syndrome

    Figure 2: showing polydactyly in lower limbs Figure 3: showing polydactyly in left hand Figure 4: showing high arched palate.[] Keywords: Retinitis pigmentosa, polydactyly, mental retardation, hypogenitalism, obesity, consanguinous marriage. 3.[] There was no polydactyly.[]

  • Cystic Kidney Disease

    Keywords: Meckel-Gruber syndrome, occipital encephalocele, polycystic kidney, polydactyly How to cite this article: Panduranga C, Kangle R, Badami R, Patil PV.[] Keywords: M eckel Syndrome, Central Nervous System Malformations, Polydactyly and Hepatic Developmental Defects 1.[] Figure 1: Case I showing encephalocele ( à ) and polydactyly (*) Figure 2: Case II showing encephalocele («), ambiguous genitilia(*) and polydactyly ( à ) Case Presentation[]

  • Alstrom Syndrome

    […] childhood, progressive neurosensory hearing loss, diabetes mellitus, acanthosis nigricans, hypogonadism with normal secondary sex characteristics, and kyphoscoliosis without polydactyly[] Differential diagnosis [ 2 ] Bardet-Biedl syndrome is similar (with retinitis pigmentosa, deafness, obesity and diabetes mellitus) but also includes mental defect, polydactyly[] Subscription Required Differential Diagnosis & Pitfalls Some features are also found in Bardet-Biedl syndrome , but the latter disorder includes mental deficiencies and polydactyly[]

  • Pallister-Hall Syndrome

    Author information 1 Institute of Radiology, University Hospital Basel, Petersgraben 4, Basel, Switzerland. Abstract We present a preterm-born girl with polydactyly[] Polydactyly. Postaxial polydactyly may be more common than mesoaxial polydactyly in individuals with PHS.[] Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search Human disease Pallister-Hall syndrome (disorder) Hypothalamic Hamartoblastoma, Hypopituitarism, Imperforate Anus, and Postaxial Polydactyly[]

  • Polydactyly

    Complications Complications related to polydactyly is associated with the surgical intervention for managing polydactyly.[] What is polydactyly?[] When unilateral, ulnar polydactyly occurred more often on the left side.[]

  • Syndactyly

    A large Jewish Moroccan family presented with apparently autosomal dominant heredity of bilateral thumb polydactyly in hands and feet combined with post-axial polydactyly[] Novick, Car***"Polydactyly of the Foot." eMedicin*** "Polydactyly." Health Library. "Polydactyly and Syndactyly."[] Special Needs Guide Polydactyly: Polydactyly is a condition in which a person has more than five fingers per hand or five toes per foot.[]

  • Kleiner Holmes Syndrome

    […] digit polydactyly; and type 5, polysyndactyly ( 4 , 8 , 11 ).[] The technique for postaxial polydactyly is described later. Fig. 26-3 Venn-Watson classification of polydactyly. A, Preaxial polydactyly. B, Postaxial polydactyly.[] Hallux varus may be closely related to preaxial polydactyly because reports of hallux varus included many cases of preaxial polydactyly.[]

  • Central Polydactyly of Fingers

    MIM 174200) and polydactyly, preaxial IV (MIM 174700) are allelic, autosomal dominant disorders caused by mutations in the GLI3 gene.[] […] syndrome Polydactyly postaxial dental and vertebral Polydactyly postaxial with median cleft of upper lip Polydactyly postaxial Polydactyly preaxial type 1 Polydactyly syndrome[] Central polydactyly is uncommon compared with border polydactyly.[]

  • Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome

    It is known that both CHDs of heterotaxia and postaxial polydactyly can be related to abnormalities of the SHH pathway.[] , sex reversal, renal hypoplasia, and unilobular lung Rsh Syndrome Lethal Acrodysgenital Syndrome Slo Syndrome Polydactyly, Sex Reversal, Renal Hypoplasia, and Unilobar Lung[] The malformations include distinctive facial features, cleft palate, cardiac defects, postaxial polydactyly and 2-3 syndactyly of the toes.[]

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