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750 Possible Causes for No Pruritis

  • Peeling Skin Syndrome Type A

    He emphasized consanguinity, peeling of areas of skin, and pruritis as cardinal features of this condition.[] […] non-inflammatory PSS (type A) manifest white scaling, with painless and easy removal of the skin, irritation when in contact with water, dust and sand, and no history of erythema, pruritis[]

  • Rectal Pruritus

    What causes pruritis ani (anal itching)? Pruritis ani is usually not caused by poor hygiene.[] Pruritis ani is classified as either primary or secondary.[] What are the types of pruritis ani? There are two main types of pruritis ani—primary and secondary.[]

  • Vulvitis

    The symptoms are generally pruritis, pain, burning, dyspareunia and bleeding.[] General Rare 50 reported cases in English literature as of 2012. [3] Analogous to Zoon's balanitis in males. [4] Clinical: [3] Pruritis. Pain.[] Goldstein AT, Christopher K, Burrows LJ (2005) Plasma cell vulvitis: a rare cause of intractable vulvar pruritis. Arch Dermatol 141: 789-790.[]

  • Vaginal Candidiasis

    The major symptoms of VC are dyspareunia, pruritis, itching, soreness, vagina as well as vulvar erythema and edema.[] C. albicans is part of the normal flora that lives in the mouth, throat, intestine and vagina, it may become pathogenic and cause symptoms such as vaginal discharge and pruritis[]

  • Vaginitis

    […] injection drug use] F11.20 - F11.229, F13.20 - F13.229, F14.20 - F14.29, F15.20 - F15.29, F16.20 - F16.29, F19.20 - F19.29 Drug dependence [injection drug use] L29.1 - L29.3 Pruritis[] Adverse reactions which may occur include anaphylaxis, skin rashes, pustular eruptions, pruritis, flushing, urticaria, and fever. 65 In cases of true allergy, desensitization[]

  • Atrophic Vaginitis

    The diagnosis of AV is primarily clinical and begins with the ascertainment of specific symptoms: vaginal dryness, burning, pruritis, abnormal discharge, and dyspareunia.[] Itching Burning Dyspareunia - Painful Sex Burning leukorrhea Pruritis Vulvae Feeling of pressure Yellow malodorous vaginal discharge Urinary :- Dysuria Urinary Frequency Nocturia[]

  • Obstructive Jaundice

    […] first signs and symptoms include : Pale stools Dark urine Fever, if due to infectious cholangitis Sudden abdominal pain, if due to gallstones This is then followed by : Pruritis[] Pruritis and scratch marks were seen equally in both the benign and malignant cases. Similar clinical pattern was also reported by others [ 1, 8, 12, 18 ].[] Pancreatic cancer is more likely to result in a palpable gallbladder Other Causes May not present with any additional symptoms except changes in color of the stool and urine and pruritis[]

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

    Symptoms, if present, include dysuria; urethral pruritis; and mucoid, mucopurulent, or purulent discharge.[] The most common side effects of sinecatechins 15% are erythema, pruritis/burning, pain, ulceration, edema, induration, and vesicular rash.[] Symptoms, if present, include discharge of mucopurulent or purulent material, dysuria, or urethral pruritis. Asymptomatic infections are common.[]

  • Acne Vulgaris

    […] during the study were comparatively rare (less than 1% of patients reported any side effects) and mild, with the most common being burning sensation, dermatitis contact, pruritis[] […] had symptoms suggesting an acute hypersensitivity reaction presenting with various combinations of dizziness, vertigo, headache, nausea and vomiting, erythema, urticaria, pruritis[]

  • Hemorrhoids

    Figures and Tables - Analysis 4.2 Comparison 4 Pruritis, Outcome 2 patients complaining of pruritis ani at follow‐up 2years.[] Hemorrhoid symptoms can resemble other conditions, including fissures, fistula, abscesses, or irritation and itching, called pruritis ani.[] Other symptoms may include soilage or mucous discharge, pruritis, difficulties with hygiene, and a sense of incomplete evacuation.[]

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