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562 Possible Causes for Nocturnal Seizure, Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Temporal Bilaterally

  • Rolandic Epilepsy

    Secondary generalization of the nocturnal seizure is common.[] Seizures usually occur infrequently as generalized nocturnal seizures characterized by a variety of minor tonic-clonic movements, often affecting only one side of the face[] The core features comprised nocturnal rolandic seizures, interictal centrotemporal spike waves with early age of onset and late age of offset.[]

  • Epilepsy

    Leu729ThrfsTer6) in TMTC3, encoding transmembrane and tetratricopeptide repeat containing 3, in four siblings with nocturnal seizures and ID.[] seizures from other non-epileptic nocturnal paroxysmal events, namely parasomnias.[] A 61-year-old woman affected by nocturnal hypermotor seizures since the age of 2 years complained of epigastric discomfort and chocking sensation before seizure onset for[]

  • Encephalitis

    Case presentation A 33-year-old, male, right handed, realtor, of Malaysian descent, presented to hospital following a nocturnal seizure.[] In hospital, the patient was started on phenytoin but continued to have further nocturnal seizures with post ictal periods of approximately 30 minutes.[] A review of the literature showed that of 65 patients with ictal bradyarrhythmia, 36 had temporal seizures and 15 had frontotemporal seizures [ 13 ].[]

  • Tuberous Sclerosis

    Tuberous sclerosis, also known as tuberous sclerosis complex or Bourneville disease, is a neurocutaneous disorder ( phakomatosis ) characterized by the development of multiple benign tumors of the embryonic ectoderm (e.g. skin, eyes, and nervous system). Tuberous sclerosis has an incidence of 1:6000-12,000, with[…][]

    Missing: Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Temporal Bilaterally
  • Parasomnia

    The differential diagnosis from nocturnal seizures is crucial to avoid overtreatment of this benign albeit dramatically presenting condition.[] Nocturnal Seizures Nocturnal seizures occur during sleep and are commonly diagnosed by undergoing a overnight sleep study (PSG).[] Nocturnal seizures can mimic sleep terrors and sleepwalking so careful attention must be paid to a parent's concerns.[]

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  • Vascular Dementia

    Aiuto Da Wikimedia Commons, l'archivio di file multimediali liberi Jump to navigation Jump to search demenza vascolare malattia umana Carica un file multimediale Wikipedia Istanza di malattia Sottoclasse di demenza Controllo di autorità Q583908 identificativo Thesaurus BNCF: 988 Reasonator Scholia Statistica Sottocategorie[…][]

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  • Panayiotopoulos Syndrome

    seizures, tonic deviation of the eyes, and vomiting.[] The original description in 1989 focused on the triad of nocturnal seizures, tonic eye deviation, and vomiting.[] We describe an 8-year-old girl with 5 nocturnal autonomic seizures typical of Panayiotopoulos syndrome from age 4.[]

    Missing: Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Temporal Bilaterally
  • Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease

    Handb Clin Neurol. 2018;153:219-242. doi: 10.1016/B978-0-444-63945-5.00013-1. Author information 1 Department of Neuroscience, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy. 2 Institute of Neurology, Medical University of Vienna and Austrian Reference Center for Human Prion Diseases, Vienna, Austria; and Hungarian Reference[…][]

    Missing: Nocturnal Seizure
  • Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome

    Keywords: Medically intractable epilepsy, frontal lobe seizures, nocturnal seizures, non-convulsive status epilepticus, chromosomal testing, mosaic screening DOI: 10.3233[] nocturnal seizures or non-convulsive status epilepticus.[] Subtle nocturnal behavioral changes such as stretching, rubbing, turning that resemble arousal, subtle nocturnal seizures (SNS), and subtle nocturnal frontal lobe seizures[]

    Missing: Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Temporal Bilaterally
  • Insomnia

    Nocturnal seizures can also interfere with sleep. Treatment is directed at the underlying disorder and symptom relief (eg, with bedtime analgesics).[]

    Missing: Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Temporal Bilaterally

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