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90 Possible Causes for Non-Pitting Edema, Pediatric Disorder

  • Congenital Exophthalmos

    Graves' disease could present clinically with one of the following characteristic signs: exophthalmos (protuberance of one or both eyes) a non-pitting edema (pretibial myxedema[] Ophthalmology & Eye Alignment Disorders Accommodative Esotropia Amblyopia Eye Movement Disorders Strabismus Retina & Vitreous Cystoid Macular Edema Diabetic Retinopathy Dry[] […] in children 372 Bilateral high position of the diaphragm in the pediatric age 373 Unilateral high position of the diaphragm in the pediatric age 375 Bilateral flattening[]

  • Kawasaki Disease

    On day 6, he developed bilateral non-purulent conjunctivitis, palmar erythema, bilateral non-pitting edema and erythema of his feet, and arthritis.[] .0000442906.34650.69 Department: Heart Matters Author Information Authors Article Outline Outline Article Metrics Metrics Angela Durry is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics[] A rare childhood illness, Kawasaki disease is a multisystem disorder involving vasculitis—inflammation of the inner lining of the blood vessels—that can harm the coronary[]

  • Edema of the Newborn

    Types of Edema Clinically there are two types of edemapitting and non-pitting edema .[] Pediatr Ann . 1976;5:518–35. 7. Nazif MM, Davis H, McKibben DH, Ready MA. Oral disorders. In: Zitelli BJ, Davis HW, eds. Atlas of pediatric physical diagnosis. 2d ed.[] Non-pitting edema is the term used to describe edema when this pressure-induced indentation does not occur. Non-pitting edema usually occurs in the arms and legs.[]

  • Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

    On the day 5 he developed severe myalgia, tenderness and non pitting edema of lower limbs especially in the thighs.[]

  • Kwashiorkor

    Bipedal non-pitting edema may occur in the legs due to the osmotic imbalance.[] […] primer on the disorders and diseases that may affect the gastrointestinal tract in neonates and children.[] ICD-10-CM) 2017 (effective 10/1/2016) : No change 2018 (effective 10/1/2017) : No change 2019 (effective 10/1/2018) : No change Edema, edematous (infectious) (pitting) (toxic[]

  • Juvenile Myxedema

    pitting edema Lower extremities - pitting edema Diffuse alopecia Bradycardia Peripheral edema Delayed tendon reflex relaxation Carpal tunnel syndrome Serous cavity effusions[] Frieden, two of the most important names in the fields of dermatology and pediatrics.[] […] can include glycosaminoglycans , hyaluronic acid , chondroitin sulfate and other mucopolysaccharides . [1] This protein-mucopolysaccharide complex binds water, producing non-pitting[]

  • Familial Short Stature

    General examination: Pallor, dry skin, facial coarsening, hair loss, non-pitting edema suggest hypothyroidism Lymphedema is observed with Turner syndrome Increased weight,[] Explore the impact of today’s advances and challenges , including explosive growth in molecular biology, sophisticated imaging techniques, and an increase in both pediatric[] Lifshitz F, Zandsberg S (1985) Disorders of growth. In: Lifshitz F (ed) Pediatric endocrinology. Marcel Dekker, New York p 14 Google Scholar 14.[]

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    […] hungry, eat like birds and still gain wt Hypothyroidism & neuromuscular fxn -sluggish mental & physical fxn -somnolence (sleepy) -cold all the time and require lots of sleep -non-pitting[] Mitochondrial tubulopathy: the many faces of mitochondrial disorders . Pediatr. Nephrol. 16 , 710–712 (2001). 129. Goto, Y. et al .[] Chapter 139: Androgen Deficiency Disorders. In: Jameson JL, De Groot LJ, eds Endocrinology: Adult and Pediatric. 7th ed.[]

  • Scleredema Adultorum

    Definition / general Nonpitting, woody induration of upper back skin; associated with diabetes Rare primary mucinosis that presents with non pitting indurated edema and associated[] Pediatric texts do not even acknowledge the existence of the disorder, and the single case described in an American pediatric journal 1 was published 25 years ago.[] pitting edema and dermal hardening, which affects the posterior and lateral aspect of the neck, face, upper trunk and upper limbs Rarely affects lower abdomen and legs Microscopic[]

  • Livedo Reticularis

    Quite suddenly, my feet, ankles, and lower leg became swollen with non-pitting edema. The swelling was the worst right around my ankles but even my toes “felt fat”.[] ., Cunningham, B.B. and Friedlander, S.F. (2007) Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Genital Ulcers: An Under-Recognized Disorder. Pediatric Dermatology, 24, 130-134. 6.[] We are unaware of previous reports of amantadine-induced LR associated with treatment for ADHD in the pediatric population.[]

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