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389 Possible Causes for nucleophilic

  • Vinyl Ether

    Scheme 3: Reactions of internal alkyne and other O-nucleophiles.[] As indicated in Scheme 1 , the main challenge for the intermolecular O-nucleophile addition to alkynes is the competitive hydration side reaction.[] Several diketones were tested to explore the scope of nucleophiles. The 1,3-cyclohexanedione derivative worked well, giving the vinyl ether 10a in good yield.[]

  • Trypanosoma Brucei

    Thus, Mg(2 ) may play a twofold role: bringing the reactants into the proximity of each other and activating the nucleophile.[] Moreover, coordination of the 3'-OH to the Mg(2 ) ion may lower its pKa, thereby rendering it a more effective nucleophile as an oxyanion.[] In each resulting model, a Mg(2 ) ion coordinates the 5'-PO4 of the nicked nucleotide and the 3'-OH of the terminal nucleotide for a nucleophilic reaction consistent with[]

  • Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome

    This quinoneimine, in the absence of nucleophiles in the incubation medium, could isomerize to give the corresponding imine, which could undergo hydrolysis to yield the aforementioned[]

  • Itraconazole

    We found that ITZ and its metabolites did not form any adducts with nucleophiles including glutathione, potassium cyanide, and semicarbazide.[]

  • Alkylating Agent

    The various nucleophiles likely to be encountered in vivo are discussed in terms of their relative reactivities toward alkylating agents.[] Alkylating agents are capable of introducing an alkyl group into nucleophilic sites on DNA or RNA through covalent bond.[] Supplement Alkylating agents are grouped into nucleophilic and electrophilic : nucleophilic alkylating agents - the use of organometallic compounds such as Grignard (organomagnesium[]

  • Antimetabolite

    N-substitution stands for nucleophilic substitution, where an electron nucleophile selectively bonds with or attacks the positive charge of an atom.[]

  • Adenosine

    Fifteen nucleoside derivatives were obtained through nucleophilic substitutions of the N⁶-position of the nucleoside precursor 6-chloropurine riboside by amines of different[]

  • Solvent

    Participatory: as a source of acid (proton), base (removing protons), or as a nucleophile (donating a lone pair of electrons).[] These solvents can also serve as acids (sources of protons) and weak nucleophiles (forming bonds with strong electrophiles).[] Their high polarity allows them to dissolve charged species such as various anions used as nucleophiles (e.g. CN(-), HO(-), etc.).[]

  • Nefazodone

    Following incubation of nefazodone with microsomes or recombinant P4503A4 in the presence of sulfydryl nucleophiles, conjugates derived from the addition of thiol to a monohydroxylated[]

  • Retinoid

    Although many reaction mechanisms have been proposed, Sn1 nucleophilic substitution seems to be the most plausible mechanism.[] The addition of a nucleophile completes the transformation of all-trans-retinyl esters to 11-cis-retinol. References [ edit ] 1.[]

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