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152 Possible Causes for Numbness in the Buttocks, Paresthesia

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  • Spinal Stenosis

    CLINICAL FEATURES: A 70-year-old special education teacher had neck pain, headaches, and burning paresthesia on the entire left side of her body.[] Spinal stenosis can cause pain, numbness, or weakness in your legs, buttocks, arms, or neck, depending on what area of your spine is affected. Clinics for Spinal Stenosis[] It typically starts in the area of the buttocks and radiates down the leg. As it progresses, it can result in pain in the foot. Numbness or tingling in buttocks or legs.[]

  • Spinal Cord Compression

    METHODS: We present the case of a 33-year-old Caucasian woman with a 10-day history of thoracic back pain and a 1-day history of sudden-onset bilateral lower limb weakness and paresthesia[] Numbness or pins and needles that is new or quickly getting worse. This may be: in your toes in your fingers over the buttocks.[] We present a case of an osteochondroma of the spine presenting with spinal cord compression. 27-year-old male presented with lower extremity weakness and paresthesia, decreased[]

  • Caudal Spinal Cord Tumor

    Radiation myelopathy occurs 13-29 months after radiation with paresthesia, weakness, pain/temperature loss, loss of bowel and bladder function.[] Symptoms of cauda equina syndrome include low back pain , numbness and/or tingling in the buttocks and lower extremities ( sciatica ), weakness in the legs, and incontinence[] Then develop a syndrome of transverse myelopathy with paresthesias, alternating with loss of sensitivity.[]

  • Lumbar Spinal Cord Tumor

    Reduced sensory function Cold sensation in the lower limbs Cold, clammy skin Incontinence, both urinary and fecal Paresthesia (burning, prickling, itching, or tingling of[] Other symptoms of spinal cord compression include: numbness in the toes or fingers, or over the buttocks feeling unsteady on your feet or difficulty walking passing very little[] When the tumor presses on the spinal cord, symptoms may begin with numbness or tingling in the arms or legs.[]

  • Hematomyelia

    Disturbance of the sensory functions may give rise to hyperesthesia, anesthesia, paresthesia, etc. Diagnosis .[] Autonomic dysfunction, pain, paresthesia, and depression were common and impeded recovery in some patients.[] Then develop a syndrome of transverse myelopathy with paresthesias, alternating with loss of sensitivity.[]

  • Haff Syndrome

    R. E. Beamish , Pawan K. Singal , Naranjan S. Dhalla Springer Science & Business Media , ٠٦‏/١٢‏/٢٠١٢ - 447 من الصفحات It has been known or suspected for centuries that there is an association between mind and emotions and the occurrence of heart disease apd sudden death. During the past fifty years this[…][]

  • Insect Bite

    Cutting, stabbing, or burning pain may be felt, along with swelling, tingling, or numbness.[] Scabies appearance Pimple-like rashes usually on the wrist, elbow, armpit, nipple, waist, belt-line, buttocks, and between the fingers Small, raised lines on the surface of[] […] to sometimes cause allergic reactions, although in most cases, symptoms after a scorpion sting are caused by neurotoxins in the venom, leading to symptoms of numbness and tingling[]

  • Myelitis

    Chief complains include localized lower back pain, paresthesias (abnormal sensations of tickling, burning, pricking, or tingling) in the legs, loss of sensorium, and paraparesis[] CASE REPORTS: Case 1: a 38-years-old man presented with a 2-year history of paresthesias in the upper extremities, and one year later cramps on the right limbs and numbness[] Weakness in the arms or legs (paraparesis) Sensory symptoms (paresthesias) such as numbness, tingling, burning, tickling, or prickling in the legs, feet or toes.[]

  • Spinal Epidural Abscess

    Although the epidural abscess was initially treated with antibiotic (cefozopran) for 5 days, he subsequently developed motor weakness, paresthesia and urinary retention.[] […] and weakness in LE RR C Yes No # UE weakness Failed to diagnosis D M/# Lower back pain radiating to right buttock and thigh OC L Yes # 10 d No No Anesth # Failed to perform[] She now reports 3 months of severe low back pain and progressive lower extremity weakness and paresthesias for the past week.[]

  • Cauda Equina Syndrome

    […] the latest follow up visit at 2 years later, nearly all the motor power was recovered but the patient complained of occasional urinary incontinence and residual right leg paresthesia[] He also complained of newly developed numbness in the buttocks, groins, and perineum, and difficulty with urination and defecation, after repeated caudal epidural injections[] Patients may present with back pain, unilateral or bilateral leg pain, paresthesias and weakness, perineum or saddle anesthesia, and rectal and/or urinary incontinence or[]

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