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273 Possible Causes for Numbness of the Hand, Paresthesia, Tetanus

  • Stroke

    Stroke survivors may also have numbness or strange sensations.[] […] associated with high agreement for the diagnosis of stroke or transient ischemic attack vs no vascular event are a sudden change in speech, visual loss, diplopia, numbness or tingling[] […] to 10 754·7) –57·3 ( 77·1 to 19·2) * –36·1 ( 63·1 to 17·1) 219·5 (98·9 to 424·0) 144·6 (69·9 to 262·6) 89·4 (48·1 to 153·9) –59·3 ( 78·1 to 22·8) * –38·1 ( 64·3 to 13·3) Tetanus[]

  • Hypocalcemia

    Calcium levels should be checked if a patient complains of "CATS go numb" - convulsions, arrythmia, tetany (strong convulsions in the hands), and numbness in the hands, feet[] At presentation, he had ataxia, paresthesia in the hands and feet, and abdominal cramping. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain was unremarkable.[] The symptoms of severe hypocalcemia can be remembered with the mnemonic 'CATS go numb': Convulsions, Arrhythmias, Tetany and numbness of hands, feet and lips.[]

  • Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

    Patients with GBS suffer from an a fast onset of symptoms including weakness, numbness and even paralysis of peripheries, including hands, feet, arms and legs.[] Abstract The authors present the case of a 65-year-old woman who was admitted for paraparesis and paresthesias in the inferior limbs.[] MCT Law represents patients with CIDP and GBS triggered by: Seasonal Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot) Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus shot (DTaP) Hepatitis-B vaccine Measles[]

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately: pain, burning, numbness, or tingling in the hands or feet; weakness in the arms or legs; or[] The patient presented with progressive decrease of visual acuity, intermittent diplopia, paresthesia of the left arm and equilibrium disturbances.[] […] other protozoal infections [113] Barrier Deficiency Any break in the barrier function of skin and other epithelium predisposes to infection, including wound infections, tetanus[]

  • Median Neuropathy

    We included 62 subjects (with 107 wrists) who reported experiencing no hand numbness.[] […] of the nerve at the carpal tunnel (the onset of paresthesia indicates a positive Tinel's sign).[] […] first case report was actually a direct traumatic injury to the median nerve as recognized by Gensoul in 1836 where he had performed an autopsy on a young girl who died of tetanus[]

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    Abstract Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy is a debilitating side effect of chemotherapy, which manifests as paresthesias, dysesthesias, and numbness in the hands[] […] for heavy metal titers Arsenic causes sensorimotor neuropathy Gold may cause some demyelination Organophosphates A Sensorimotor No specific or practical laboratory test Tetanus[] Avoiding injury If you’re experiencing numbness in your hands and feet, try to limit the possibility of injury.[]

  • Frostbite

    Signs and Symptoms aching pain or numbness, most often on hands, feet, face, and ears skin that feels hard and waxy, with a white or grayish yellow color What to Do If you[] Milder forms of injury include frostnip and pernio: Frostnip refers to cold-induced, localized paresthesias that resolve with rewarming.[] Administer ibuprofen to limit inflammation , tetanus toxoid to prevent tetanus infection, and antibiotics to prevent or treat infection.[]

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    […] in the hands and feet Calf muscle become tender Bouts of confusion, irritability and forgetfulness Experiencing grave difficulty in walking properly A preliminary physical[] ., paresthesia, peripheral neuropathy, spinal cord degeneration), Psychiatric symptoms (irritability, personality change, depression), Cardiovascular problems (e.g., myocardial[] Treatment of tetanus; severe bone-marrow depression after prolonged nitrous-oxide anaesthesia.[]

  • Neuropathy

    Alcohol abuse Excessive drinking of alcohol can affect the nervous system, causing numbness of the hands and feet.[] He stopped the statin that day, but the paresthesia did not lessen.[] […] for heavy metal titers Arsenic causes sensorimotor neuropathy Gold may cause some demyelination Organophosphates A Sensorimotor No specific or practical laboratory test Tetanus[]

  • Scalenus Anticus Syndrome

    Double Crush Syndrome Patients with thoracic outlet syndrome usually have symptoms of tingling and numbness in the hand.[] Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, aching, swelling of the extremity and fingers, and weakness of the neck or arm.[] […] epicondylitis, Subacute meningitis or Peripheral neuropathy, Polyneuropathy, Polymyalgia rheumatica, Eosinophilic fasciitis, Fibromyalgia, Spasmodic torticollis (Wryneck syndrome), Tetanus[]

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