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202 Possible Causes for Numbness of the Tongue, Slurred Speech, Tremor

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    As the disease progresses, symptoms may advance to include muscle spasms, heat sensitivity, vision problems, depression, difficulty speaking or swallowing, tremors, dizziness[] […] include changes in sensation or sensory symptoms such as tingling and numbness, and changes in muscle function or motor symptoms such as difficulty walking, stiffness or tremors[] speech Fatigue Dizziness Problems with bowel and bladder function When to see a doctor See a doctor if you experience any of the above symptoms for unknown reasons.[]

  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

    Other symptoms that may be treated with drugs include seizures, vertigo, and tremor.[] […] cerebellar syndrome (PCS), the disorder affects one of every 10 persons diagnosed with PPMS and can often manifest with: Impairment of fine hand movement due to severe intention tremor[] […] presenting with problems walking (in terms of strength), someone with progressive cerebellar syndrome will typically have difficulties with balance as well as a disabling tremor[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    Her anxiety was manifested by facial twitching, hand fidgeting, vocal tremor, loss of self-esteem, and depression.[] Adverse effects from benzodiazepines : These agents can cause significant sedation or symptoms of intoxication if overdosed; hallmark symptoms are slurred speech, ataxia,[] A 68-year-old man with generalized anxiety disorder and depressive symptoms presented at the emergency department (ED) with high fever, tremor, muscle rigidity, rhabdomyolysis[]

  • Lidocaine

    Plasma lidocaine levels in the 5- to 12-μg/mL range can cause nystagmus, slurred speech, hallucinations, muscle tremors, and seizures.[] Apprehension Agitation Coma Confusion Drowsiness Dizziness Disorientation Euphoria Lightheadedness Nervousness Paresthesia Psychosis Sensations of heat, cold, or numbness Slurred[] It begins with numbness of the tongue, lightheadedness, and visual disturbances and progresses to muscle twitching, unconsciousness, and seizures, then coma, respiratory arrest[]

  • Oromandibular Dystonia

    The frequency of dystonic writer's cramp, spasmodic dysphonia, bruxism, essential tremor, and family history of movement disorder, however, was lower in the post-traumatic[] Side effects of this treatment may include difficulty swallowing, slurred speech and weakness, but they are short-term and well-tolerated.[] A 56 year-old female patient presented at the emergency department after ten days of chemotherapy with progressive airway obstruction and complaints of numbness of the tongue[]

  • Bismuth

    She presented with progressive confusion for two weeks, followed by myoclonus, tremors, gait instability and visual hallucinations.[] Other side effects associated with bismuth subsalicylate include: anxiety , confusion , depression , headache , slurred speech, muscle spasms , weakness , hearing loss , ringing[] […] of the tip of the tongue (1.4%) and insomnia (1.4%).[]

  • Pontine Glioma

    Clinical Presentation: Ataxia, dysarthria, intention tremor. Signs and symptoms of hydrocephalus might also be seen.[] Symptoms include: Squints Swallowing problems Slurred speech Facial weakness Abnormal gait (the way the child walks) Difficulty with tasks like handwriting Gradual decline[] Then Lauren began noticing other troubling symptoms as well, such as a tingling sensation on her right side and a numbness in her tongue.[]

  • Hypoglycemia

    Hypothermia Low Apgar scores ( Stress (sepsis, respiratory distress, etc) Glucose screening is also recommended for infants with clinical signs consistent with hypoglycemia: Tremors[] If early symptoms aren't recognized and treated quickly, blood sugar levels may continue to fall, resulting in drowsiness weakness blurred vision slurred speech confusion[] Numbness in mouth or tongue. Irritability, nervousness. Unsteadiness. Nightmares, bad dreams, restless sleep. You might pass out if your hypoglycemia is not treated.[]

  • Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency

    Pontine syndromes: Tremor, ataxia and mild hemiparesis. Horizontal gaze palsy. Cranial nerve VI and VII palsies.[] Upon presentation to the ED, his physical exam revealed diminished tactile sensation over the right upper and lower extremities, slurred speech, right-sided hearing loss,[] With the further development of the disease have difficulties in swallowing, speech disorders, numbness of the tongue, visual hallucinations, loss of vision, strokes, sudden[]

  • Scorpion Sting

    Seventeen patients with severe P. transvaalicus scorpionism showed sensory and motor nerve stimulation, with generalised hyperaesthesia, weakness, ptosis, dysphagia, muscle tremors[] Serious symptoms start within minutes of the sting and may include: Increased salivation (foaming at the mouth or drooling) Blurred vision Trouble focusing Slurred speech[] In addition he has had difficulty walking, abnormal movements where he clenches his fists, draws his feet up, numbness of his tongue, and rotary nystagmus.[]

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