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23 Possible Causes for nuptiale

  • Incest

    Facebook Mum Patricia Ann Spann is currently in custody at Stephens County Jail, with the bail set at 10,000 Patricia Spann said that she didn’t think the nuptials broke any[] , this year - eight years after marrying her son Jody The defendant, who is from Duncan, was set to stand trial but instead entered a guilty plea Tuesday for last year’s nuptials[]

  • Coitus

    There is a general consensus in the literature that fertility differences between populations can be accounted for by differences in just four key proximate determinants: nuptiality[]

  • Hymenolepis Diminuta

    We suggest that infected males pass superior nuptial gifts to females and discuss the confounding effects of infection in male and female beetles upon overall fitness costs[]

  • Suicide Attempt

    She defiantly went ahead with the nuptials the next day but the romance was doomed.[]

  • Anal Intercourse

    Especially in less developed areas, a severe tradition regarding the first wedding night required that "the morning after" the husband exposed on a balcony the sheet used for nuptial[]

  • Overeating

    Bottom line: post-nuptial weight gain typically results from a pattern of overeating. If you can reverse that you can undo the poundage.[]

  • Cantharidin

    Therefore, such compounds could not be transferred from male to female specimens, and must be synthesized in a female organ from the males' nuptial deposit.[] […] not be transferred from males to females and based on experiments employing its deuterated form, cantharidin is probably independently synthesized in females from the male nuptial[]

  • Seckel Syndrome

    Nuzzle Nose, Nostril, Nosy, Nozzle Nymph Nubile, Nymphomania, Nuptial ...[]

  • Invertebrate Sting

    Nuptial flight – normally during late spring and summer seasons, the alates take to the skies to mate. Offspring – the ants born from a queen.[]

  • Gallium Nitrate

    […] powerfully up the make subordinate that because of nitrqate that I was the single individual superficies of galliu7m current relations who was to galluim been asked to the nuptial[]

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