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1,005 Possible Causes for Nystagmus, Visual Acuity Decreased

  • Stroke

    The first patient (female, 50 years old) had dysarthria, nystagmus and trunk ataxia on admission. Her blood alcohol level was 2.3‰.[] Posterior cerebral artery Monocular loss of vision (amaurosis) Ophthalmic artery (a branch of the internal carotid artery) Unilateral or bilateral cranial nerve deficits (eg, nystagmus[] Know that cerebellar strokes also may cause vertigo, nausea and vomiting, headache, nystagmus, and slurred speech.[]

  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

    MV and GCIPL thickness were significantly correlated with visual acuity.[] Double vision or eye tremor ( nystagmus ) may result from involvement of the nerve pathways controlling movement of the eye muscles.[] […] muscle spasms, or difficulty in moving; difficulties with coordination and balance (ataxia); problems in speech (dysarthria) or swallowing (dysphagia), visual problems (nystagmus[]

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    Upbeat nystagmus was observed in all MS patients with trigeminal REZ lesions.[] The patient presented with progressive decrease of visual acuity, intermittent diplopia, paresthesia of the left arm and equilibrium disturbances.[] Abstract A 33-year-old man with gait instability, weakness of the left lower extremity, decreased visual acuity in the left eye, and urgency and urine incontinence was diagnosed[]

  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

    We report the case of a 14-year-old girl with sudden onset of decreased visual acuity, headache and menstrual irregularity.[] […] of the abducting eye, and vertical gaze-evoked nystagmus.[] visual acuity.[]

  • Oculomotor Apraxia

    The reading scan was disturbed by saccadic intrusions and/or nystagmus.[] Two weeks later, when the patient was on prednisolone 0,5 mg/kg/day, he complained of decreased visual acuity of the left eye.[] Gaze-Evoked Nystagmus Definition Gaze-evoked nystagmus is the result of a gaze-holding deficit.[]

  • Brain Neoplasm

    […] hemianopia or partial visual field deficits Anosmia may occur with frontal lobe tumors Brainstem and cerebellar tumors induce cranial nerve palsies, ataxia, incoordination, nystagmus[] Brain stem Cranial nerve dysfunction, ataxia, papillary abnormalities, nystagmus, hemiparesis, autonomic dysfunction Table 3.[] Brain stem Cranial nerve dysfunction, ataxia, papillary abnormalities, nystagmus, hemiparesis, autonomic dysfunction The following have been reported by patients as the first[]

  • Albinism

    A 39-year-old man with foveal hypoplasia, nystagmus, and decreased visual acuity was found to have multiple, cutaneous, hypopigmented macules.[] […] correct for the nystagmus.[] It is associated with decreased visual acuity, nystagmus, strabismus, and photophobia.[]

  • Achromatopsia

    In addition to decreasing light sensitivity, tinted lenses have been reported to improve visual acuity, decrease the size of central scotomata, enlarge peripheral visual field[] Measurable improvements in visual acuity, decreased size of central scotomas, enlargement of peripheral visual fields, and enhanced visibility of long-wavelength stimuli in[] A 33-year-old female and her 31-year-old sibling were evaluated for mild nystagmus and decreased visual acuity which had been present since childhood.[]

  • Hereditary ATTR Amyloidosis

    Ophthalmological involvement may present as follows: Dry eye, red eye, painful eye, conjunctivitis Floaters in eyes, decreased visual acuity A study by Phull et al showed[] Dry eye is an early autonomic symptom of TTR-FAP, and a decrease in visual acuity induced by vitreous opacity or glaucoma is recognized as TTR-FAP progresses.[] […] deposition sometimes precedes other clinical manifestations by as long as 20 years Patients with rare TTR variants that cause CNS disease may present with the following features: Nystagmus[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy and Cataract

    acuity Decreased clarity of vision 0007663 Tremor Tremors 0001337 Showing of 34 Last updated: 12/1/2018 Making a diagnosis for a genetic or rare disease can often be challenging[] nystagmus.[] Her visual acuity first decreased before the age of 10. At age 13, the visual acuity was 3/10 and 9/10 in the right and left eyes, respectively.[]

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