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159 Possible Causes for Obstructive Jaundice, Xanthoma

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    ) can be caused by obstructive jaundice, a condition in which bile flow from the liver ducts is blocked.[] […] and ankles Accumulation of abdominal fluid (ascites) Fatty deposits on the skin around your eyes, your eyelids, or in the creases in your palms, soles, elbows or knees (xanthomas[] Affecting chiefly middle-aged women, it is characterized by chronic cholestasis (accumulation of bile in the liver) with pruritis, jaundice, and hypercholesterolemia with xanthomas[]

  • Hyperlipoproteinemia Type 1

    We report a unique 10-year-old male of Indian origin who presented in neonatal period with transient obstructive jaundice and xanthomas in the pancreas and kidneys.[] However, the exact mechanisms that induce xanthoma formation are less clear.[] Many type III subjects have cutaneous xanthomas, particularly tuberoeruptive or tuberous xanthomas and xanthomas of the palmar creases (xanthoma striata palmaris); the latter[]

  • Bile Duct Stricture

    We describe our approach to the problem of obstructive jaundice in childhood.[] […] eyes Itching skin (pruritus) Pale stools and dark urine Steatorrhea – fatty stools Nausea and sometimes vomiting Loss of appetite Weight loss Fatty deposits in the skin (xanthomas[] Obstructive jaundice, first evident at 3 weeks of age, became progressively severe.[]

  • Jaundice

    Intestinal tissues and serum samples were obtained from patients with malignant obstructive jaundice and from bile duct ligation (BDL) rats.[] The skin is examined for jaundice, palmar erythema, needle tracks, vascular spiders, excoriations, xanthomas (consistent with primary biliary cholangitis ), paucity of axillary[] Patients and Methods: Fifty patients with malignant obstructive jaundice were included.[]

  • Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

    A 46-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital with obstructive jaundice. The liver function tests demonstrated increased serum liver enzyme levels.[] Some not so common symptoms include hyperpigmentation, xanthomas, and xantelasma.[] jaundice).[]

  • Liver Disease

    We present the case of a patient without any prior liver disease who developed obstructive jaundice and a liver abscess due to peribiliary cysts.[] Images in Clinical Medicine May 10, 2018 Xanthoma Striatum Palmare Koehler V.F. and Parhofer K.G.[] Disorders of bile production can lead to jaundice, steatorrohea and cholemia.[]

  • Chlorpromazine

    The clinical picture resembles infectious hepatitis , with laboratory features of obstructive jaundice , rather than those of parenchymal damage.[] […] in at least 50% of the small portal tracts, and long-standing cholestasis with pseudoxanthomatous transformation of hepatocytes and ductular epithelia, and small lobular xanthomas[] Chlorpromazine can rarely cause obstructive jaundice associated with stasis in biliary canaliculi.[]

  • Cholestasis

    Presentation is usually with pruritus and the slow onset of jaundice. The term "obstructive jaundice" usually refers to cholestasis of extra-hepatic origin.[] Xanthomas may develop due to hypercholesterolemia discussed above. Jaundice frequently arises due to an inability to excrete bilirubin in the bile.[] The term obstructive jaundice is usually used to describe extrahepatic cholestasis.[]

  • Hypercholesterolemia

    Occurs in obstructive jaundice. See also hyperlipoproteinemia .[] The xanthomas also regressed and disappeared by 3 years of age.[] The characteristic lesions associated with the condition are tuberous xanthomas, which appear as firm, painless, reddish-yellow nodules primarily on extensor surfaces of joints[]

  • Vitamin E Deficiency

    A ten-year-old girl had obstructive jaundice in the newborn period which persisted for 4 years despite choledochojejunostomy at 6 weeks.[] Skin may show xanthelasmata or tendon xanthomas.[]

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