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32 Possible Causes for Occipital Encephalocele, Projectile Vomiting

  • Dandy-Walker Syndrome

    It is rare for Dandy-Walker syndrome to occur together with occipital encephalocele.[] The common presenting symptom and associated central nervous system anomaly were enlargement of head and occipital encephalocele, respectively.[] Seven had occipital encephalocele and in 1 of these there was an associated Klippel-Feil syndrome.[]

  • Craniosynostosis

    (soft spot located on the top of the head) Sleepiness (or less alert than usual) Scalp veins may be very noticeable Increased irritability High-pitched cry Poor feeding Projectile[] ., holoprosencephaly, microcephaly, shunted hydrocephalus, encephalocele) Exposure of fetus (e.g., valproic acid, phenytoin) Mucopolysaccharidosis (e.g., Hurler’s syndrome[] vomiting seizures bulging eyes and an inability of the child to look upward with the head facing forward developmental delays The key to treating craniosynostosis is early[]

  • Obturator Hernia

    An 81-year-old Caucasian emaciated female presented with 3 days history of colicky abdominal pain nausea, projectile vomiting and abdominal distension.[] The majority of congenital encephaloceles occur in the occipital or frontal regions. Clinical features include a protuberant mass that may be pulsatile.[] Physicians had ignored mild pain, projectile vomiting and failed to take surgical opinion in time.[]

  • Congenital Anomaly of the Spine

    Clinical and neurologic manifestations include cardiorespiratory arrest, motor weakness, quadriplegia, torticollis, pain in the neck, vertigo, and projectile vomiting. 79[] encephalocele.[] For example, large occipital encephaloceles containing solely or largely CSF may have an excellent prognosis, whereas those having large amounts of occipital lobe or brainstem[]

  • Hemiparesis

    The patient’s condition started 2 weeks prior to admission with headache, nausea, projectile vomiting and blurring of vision in both eyes.[] Patients with uncrossed pyramidal tracts have also been reported to have other cerebral malformations, such as posterior fossa malformations, occipital encephaloceles, Dandy-Walker[] encephaloceles, Dandy-Walker malformation, Joubert syndrome, and malformations of the brainstem, such as Mobius syndrome.[]

  • Congenital Communicating Hydrocephalus

    Email: jogendrayadv@gmail,com Clinical Problem : A two-month-old boy presented with irritability, recurrent episodes of projectile vomiting for 3 days and rapidly increasing[] Other malformations: Occipital encephalocele as well as retrocerebellar and supracollicular cysts can be associated with aqueductal stenosis ( 22 , 51 ).[]

  • Congenital Malrotation of the Colon

    There is failure to gain weight and the projectile vomiting is characteristic. Projectile vomit has no bile in it.[] encephalocele Biparietal narrowing Retinal coloboma Stroke Focal seizures Nephronophthisis Shawl scrotum Severe short stature Respiratory distress Respiratory insufficiency[] Presentation: projectile vomiting (2-4 wks), vomit is never bilious.[]

  • Meningeal Disorder

    vomiting Papilledema- engorgement and elevation of optic disc; sometimes also see retinal hemorrhage Visual loss caused by transient or permanent optic nerve damage Diplopia[] Most registries and epidemiological studies classify encephaloceles using broad categories like frontal, parietal, occipital and sphenoidal.[] […] because brain edema rises overnight from lying down Altered mental status- *** most important indicator; irritability and depressed level of alertness and attention Nausea and projectile[]

  • Caudal Spinal Cord Tumor

    vomiting, bizzare and unusual visual disturbances, and protopathic ataxia.[] For example, large occipital encephaloceles containing solely or largely CSF may have an excellent prognosis, whereas those having large amounts of occipital lobe or brainstem[] […] increase of intraventricular fluid accumulation may create a large variety of symptoms such as deep-seated, stubborn, "internal pressure" head- aches, nausea, a tendency toward projectile[]

  • Lissencephaly

    At 2 weeks of age, Jessica became extremely irritable and fussy, and was crying and projectile vomiting all the time.[] (a) Axial US image of the cranium in an 18-week fetus shows an encephalocele (arrow) that protrudes through an occipital bone defect.[] (a) Axial US image of a 25-week fetus shows a dilated lateral ventricle (V) with posterior rupture (arrowhead); a small skin-covered occipital encephalocele (white arrow);[]

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