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133 Possible Causes for Ocular Pruritus

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  • Allergic Conjunctivitis

    Seasonal and perennial allergic conjunctivitis are IgE-mediated, hypersensitivity conditions characterized by ocular pruritus, epiphora, and hyperemia.[] Overall, alcaftadine was well tolerated, and common adverse effects, reported in less than 4% of patients, included ocular irritation, pruritus, erythema, and stinging or[] Symptoms usually consist of low-grade ocular and periocular itching (pruritus), tearing (epiphora), burning, stinging, photophobia, and watery discharge.[]

  • Air Pollution

    A case-crossover study was undertaken to investigate the relationship between daily air pollutant concentrations and daily hospitalizations for selected disease categories in Perth, Western Australia. Daily measurements of particles (measured by nephelometry and PM2.5), photochemical oxidants (measured as ozone),[…][]

  • Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

    10% Conjunctival hyperemia (25-45%) Growth of eyelashes (15-45%) Ocular pruritus (15-45%) 1-10% Ocular dryness (3-10%) Visual disturbance (3-10%) Ocular burning (3-10%) Foreign[] pruritus Events occurring in approximately 3 to 10% of subjects included those listed below: Ocular dryness Visual disturbance Ocular burning Foreign body sensation Eye pain[] […] clinical trials, adverse events occurring in approximately 15% to 45% of subjects included (but are not limited to) the following: Conjunctival hyperemia Growth of eyelashes Ocular[]

  • Allergic Rhinitis

    Hemophilic pseudotumor is a rare complication, even in patients with severe hemophilia. Herein we report on a case of hemophilic pseudotumor in a patient with mild hemophilia A and allergic rhinitis, initially suspected to be a nasal tumor. The pseudotumor was cured by supplementation with recombinant factor VIII[…][]

  • Gatifloxacin

    […] irritation / Rapid / 5.0-10.0 ocular discharge / Delayed / 1.0-4.0 ocular pain / Early / 1.0-4.0 xerophthalmia / Early / 1.0-4.0 dysgeusia / Early / 1.0 pruritus / Rapid[] […] edema pruritus Safety/Monitoring .[] Incidence not known rash / Early / Incidence not known urticaria / Rapid / Incidence not known ocular pruritus / Rapid / Incidence not known headache / Early / Incidence[]

  • Sjogren's Syndrome

    Citrullinated alpha enolase (CEP-1) has been designated as a major antigenic target of antibodies against citrullinated proteins (ACPA) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Our aim is to determine the prevalence of anti-CEP-1 in a cohort of ACPA positive (ACPA ) primary Sjogren's syndrome (pSS) patients.[…][]

  • Anaphylaxis

    A 75-year-old Japanese woman presented with acute flushing pruritus and a feeling of diffuse warmth followed by collapse while dancing. After resting for 30 min and receiving a rapid infusion of 0.9% sodium chloride, her condition stabilised. She admitted that she had a similar experience 2 years earlier while dancing.[…][]

  • Atopy

    Atopy or atopic syndrome refers to the genetic predisposition to develop hypersensitivity reactions to allergens. Atopy is characterized by allergic rhinitis, asthma, and atopic dermatitis. Allergic shiners or dark circles under the eyes and nasal crease across the lower half of the bridge are very common features[…][]

  • Hypersensitivity

    An adverse drug reaction associated with the use of prasugrel for dual antiplatelet therapy after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with stent placement is reported. About one week after starting prasugrel use following angioplasty and a stent revision procedure, a 61-year-old woman arrived in the[…][]

  • Uremic Pruritus

    , bath itch Itching produced by inadequate rinsing off of soap or by over drying of the skin from excessive bathing. ocular pruritus A subjectively perceived problem of or[] […] any temperature, but which does not produce any visible changes in the skin. autotoxic pruritus Pruritus attributed to endogenous toxins, as in jaundice, uremia, etc. bath pruritus[]

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