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21 Possible Causes for Onset before 10 Years of Age in All Patients

  • Late-onset Depression

    (EOD, onset before 60years) with those patients with a late age of onset (LOD).[] METHOD: From a 10-year national clinical survey of all suicides in England and Wales (n 13066) we identified 549 LOD cases, and 290 EOD cases.[] We compared behavioural, clinical and care characteristics of depressed elderly patients, aged 60years and over at the time of death by suicide, with an early-onset depression[]

  • Status Epilepticus

    […] experience absence SE. [23] About 75% of all cases of absence SE occur before the age of 20 years.[] About 2.6% of patients with absence seizures have had an episode of absence SE earlier in their lives. [22] Approximately 10% of adults with childhood-onset absence seizures[] When it occurs in adults, the patients are often elderly. The mean age of onset of absence SE in adults is 51 years.[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Myopia Type 24

    Elsevier Health Sciences, 1 Nov 2012 - Medical - 2564 pages Unequalled in scope, depth, and clinical precision, Retina, 5th Edition keeps you at the forefront of today’s new technologies, surgical approaches, and diagnostic and therapeutic options for retinal diseases and disorders. Comprehensively updated to reflect[…][]

  • Spastic Paraplegia

    All patients had an early onset of symptoms, before 10 years of age, except for the patients of family SL-108 (R495W), in which the mean onset age was 14 years.[] […] at onset in the probands was 3 years.[] L157W (c.470T G; exon 4; SL-53), 3 R239C (c.715C T; exon 7; SL-121), 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 H258R (c.773A G; exon 8; SL-6), 4 and R495W (c.1483C T; exon 12; SL-108). 5, 9 The mean age[]

  • Juvenile Onset Stills Disease

    The appearance of symptoms before 16 years of age distinguishes it from adult-onset Stills disease and the majority of patients present before 5 years of age.[] Today, together with six other variants, it is one of the forms of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and comprises approximately 10-30% of all JIA cases.[]

  • Juvenile Huntington Disease

    The majority of patients had onset of symptoms before 10 years of age and most at or below 5 years of age.[] The delay in diagnosis was longer in those with earlier onset of symptoms. Inheritance was paternal in all patients with onset beyond 10 years of age.[]

  • Ulcerative Proctitis

    According to a multivariate analysis, disease extension was significantly higher in patients with disease onset before 25 years of age (P-value 0.043).[] Three patients were diagnosed with dysplasia during follow-up, all of whom experienced disease extension before the development of dysplasia.[] The cumulative rates of disease extension at 10 and 20 years were 33.8% and 52.2%, respectively.[]

  • Mastocytosis

    The onset is usually before 2 years of age, with 55% of all cases presenting during the first 2 years of life.[] An additional 10% of patients develop symptoms between the ages of 2 and 15 years. The remaining 35% of patients present with adult-onset mastocytosis.[] Mastocytosis affects males and females equally and occurs in all races. It is seen more often in Caucasians.[]

  • Danon Disease

    In a study of 20 male patients, the mean age at onset was 17 years (range, 10 months to 19 years), and all patients except 1 died before the age of 30 years. 10 Deaths were[] […] been noted in patients with PRKAG gene mutations and in transgenic mice expressing mutated forms of PRKAG. 17 The cardiac phenotype of Danon disease is severe with early onset[]

  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Type 2S

    Seven of the 8 patients who experienced their first symptoms before age 5 years had severe neuropathy.[] Of the 4 patients with an age at onset older than 10 years, 2 had a moderate form of disease and 2 had a mild form.[] All of the patients had distal motor and sensory neuropathy that affected the 4 limbs, consistent with the diagnosis of CMT.[]

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