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95 Possible Causes for Oral Contraceptive, Tinea Versicolor

  • Eczema

    Cosmetic creams, make-ups and sunscreens Fluorinated toothpaste Neglecting to wash the face Hormonal changes and/or oral contraceptives What are the clinical features of[] Other factors Isolated reports describe other possible causative factors, such as aspirin ingestion, oral contraceptives, cigarette smoking, and implanted metals, among others[] Periorificial dermatitis may be induced by: Topical steroids , whether applied deliberately to facial skin or inadvertently Nasal steroids, steroid inhalers, and oral steroids[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    […] capitis -- Tinea corporis -- Tinea cruris -- Tinea versicolor -- Warts -- Superficial wound care -- GI/GU conditions -- Introduction -- Bowel preps -- Constipation -- Diarrhea[] Abstract A 34-year-old woman who had been using oral contraceptives for 10 years developed hypertensive crisis with papilloedema after an upper respiratory infection.[] Folliculitis, furuncles, carbuncles -- Hair loss -- Head lice -- Impetigo -- Insect bites and stings -- Prickly heat -- Psoriasis -- Seborrheic dermatitis -- Sunburn -- Tinea[]

  • Acanthosis Nigricans

    No treatment for the asymptomatic cutaneous lesions is effective or recommended. 16 Tinea Versicolor While tinea versicolor is not truly a hyperpigmentation disorder, it is[] These include growth hormone, oral contraceptives, and certain cholesterol-lowering drugs.[] contraceptives Most people with acanthosis nigricans have an insulin level that is higher than that of people of the same weight who don't have acanthosis nigricans.[]

  • Confluent and Reticulated Papillomatosis

    Two of the three patients had confirmed tinea versicolor, with positive potassium hydroxide scrapings, in association with this entity.[] A variety of treatment modalities have been used for CARP, including antibiotics, 6 oral contraceptives, and vitamin A preparations; however, the preferred approach is oral[] Type 4—Drug-induced AN: Nicotinic acid, oral contraceptives, insulin, or other exogenous hormone treatments.[]

  • Vitiligo

    Others may have easily treated infectious etiology, like the fungus infection tinea versicolor .[] Hyperpigmentation of the face in women who are pregnant or on the combined oral contraceptive pill. Albinism .[] Differential diagnosis [ 5 ] Tinea versicolor . Lesions are dry and slightly scaly when scratched. Piebaldism. A rare genetic condition.[]

  • Tinea Versicolor

    Reappearance of tinea versicolor is very common especially in the hot season thus, making tinea versicolor a chronic skin infection.[] Pregnancy Cushing’s disease Steroid therapy Oral contraceptives Hormonal changes Nutrition Tips For Supporting Healthy Skin and the Body's Ability to Eliminate Tinea Versicolor[] Endogenous factors include heredity, seborriheic dermatitis, Cushing’s syndrome, malnutrition, oral contraceptives, immunosuppression, or hyperhidrosis. (4,5) Heat, moisture[]

  • Chloasma

    No treatment for the asymptomatic cutaneous lesions is effective or recommended. 16 Tinea Versicolor While tinea versicolor is not truly a hyperpigmentation disorder, it is[] Abstract Plasma immunoreactive beta-melanocyte stimulating hormone (beta-MSH) has been measured in patients taking a progestogen-only oral contraceptive and in patients taking[] contraceptives (OCs).[]

  • Cutaneous Candidiasis

    . --- Tinea versicolor is a rash caused by fungus that usually lives on the skin.[] Oral contraceptives in the form of birth control pills can alter hormone levels in women and are therefore contributory to cutaneous candidiasis.[] versicolor Sulconazole 1% cream or solution Dermatophytoses , tinea versicolor Terconazole 0.4% and 0.8% cream, 80-mg suppositories Vulvovaginal candidiasis Tioconazole 6.5%[]

  • Griseofulvin

    versicolor and nocardiosis.[] See Also: Griseofulvin Oral Suspension Interactions: Antagonizes oral contraceptives, oral anticoagulants. Antagonized by barbiturates.[] […] medicines that interact with Grisovin-FP, including oral contraceptives, the sedative phenobarbital, anticoagulants like warfarin, Antacids and H2 antagonists for reflux.[]

  • Acne Vulgaris

    Versicolor Yeast lives on everyone’s skin, but when it grows uncontrolled it can cause tinea versicolor.[] Contraception 2009; 79: 282-289. Borgelt LM, Martell CW. Estradiol valerate/dienogest: a novel combined oral contraceptive. Clin Ther 2012; 34: 37-55.[] To determine the effectiveness of combined oral contraceptives (COCs) for the treatment of facial acne compared to placebo or other active therapies.[]

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