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1,364 Possible Causes for Orthostatic Hypotension

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Take the patient’s blood pressure to ascertain if there are any orthostatic changes, hypotension, or tachycardia.[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    BACKGROUND: Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) is a major reason for presentation to pediatric primary emergency medical centers. Because rotavirus vaccines were introduced in November 2011 for voluntary vaccination in Japan, we analyzed the changes in the numbers of AGE patients. METHODS: The number and proportion[…][]

  • Anemia

    From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search decrease in number of red blood cells anaemia edit Language Label Description Also known as English anemia decrease in number of red blood cells anaemia Statements instance of disease 1 reference stated in Disease Ontology release 2019-03-01 retrieved 5 March 2019[…][]

  • Alcohol Abuse

    BMJ Case Rep. 2013 Apr 5;2013. pii: bcr2012008263. doi: 10.1136/bcr-2012-008263. Author information 1 Department of Diabetes, Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Ashton under Lyne, UK. Abstract Two patients without a history of diabetes mellitus but with a history of chronic alcohol abuse were referred to our[…][]

  • Hyponatremia

    Patients presenting with orthostatic hypotension and normal plasma sodium concentrations are frequently admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of dehydration.[] hypotension.[] REACTIONS The most common adverse reactions (incidence 10%) reported in clinical trials were infusion site reactions (including phlebitis), pyrexia, hypokalemia, headache and orthostatic[]

  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    Tachycardia, palpitations, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and orthostatic hypotension are also reported. 21,22 Although cannabis use is associated with psychotic disorders[]

  • Syncope

    In this article, we review POTS, orthostatic hypotension, and NMS with an emphasis on NMS.[] Orthostatic hypotension has a vast differential that has been previously described throughout the literature.[] hypotension Syncope (fainting), vasovagal Syncope (loss of consciousness, fainting) Syncope and collapse (fainting) Syncope due to orthostatic hypotension Syncope, cough[]

  • Vasovagal Syncope

    Both types of syncope are associated with orthostatic hypotension and are nonlethal.[] Past studies found that an Anti-Gravity suit (G-suit) can increase blood pressure and has been reported to prevent orthostatic hypotension effectively in patients with diabetes[] It has been a mainstay of therapy for orthostatic hypotension and autonomic dysfunction.[]

  • Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy

    Hypertension in orthostatic hypotension and autonomic dysfunction.[] First-line treatments include midodrine for orthostatic hypotension, prokinetic drugs for gastroparesis, broad-spectrum antibiotics for diabetic diarrhea, and sildenafil for[] People with orthostatic hypotension are advised to avoid sitting up or standing up suddenly; wear compression stockings; avoid medications that aggravate orthostatic hypotension[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Abstract A 47-year-old chronic alcoholic with acute onset of spastic bulbar paralysis and quadriparesis with recovery has been reported. The differential diagnosis of occurrence of bulbar symptoms in an alcoholic has been discussed. It is postulated that on anatomical and clinical grounds this case probably[…][]

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