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380 Possible Causes for Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Osteomalacia

  • Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and diabetes mellitus have been reported to increase the risk of development of these fractures.[] Abstract Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is an inherited bone disorder that causes fractures due to impaired production of collagen type I.[] […] osteopenia, or for follow-up examinations in specific clinical settings, such as progression of soft tissue calcifications, or signs of secondary hyperparathyroidism and osteomalacia[]

  • Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

    Palabras clave: Osteoporosis, osteopenia, osteomalacia, raquitismo. REFERENCIAS Arnstein AR. Frame B, Frost HM. Recent progress in osteomalacia and rickets.[] The young baby who has a history of multiple fractures may have a genetic disease commonly classified as Osteogenesis Imperfecta.[] Yes: Calcium, Albumin, Mag, Phosphorous, PTH, 25 OHVit D, ALP, BUN/Cr, TSH BMD cannot differentiate osteomalacia vs osteoporosis as in hypophosphotemia, in which case no need[]

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta

    ‘Various clinical conditions such as osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and osteogenesis imperfecta bear witness to the inadequacies of poorly formed bone in fulfilling the role[] Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a group of genetic disorders that mainly affect the bones. The term " osteogenesis imperfecta " means imperfect bone formation.[] —Descriptio et casus aliquot osteomalaciae. Upsaliae, J. , 1788. Google Scholar 9. Farber, J. E. and Magulis, A. E. —Blue scleras, brittle bones and deafness.[]

  • Hypophosphatasia

    Thus, HPP features rickets or osteomalacia and hypomineralization of teeth.[] Definition Hypophosphatasia is one of several disorders that resembles osteogenesis imperfecta.[] A bone biopsy showed marked osteomalacia with low osteoblast numbers and greatly elevated pyrophosphate concentrations at mineralizing surfaces.[]

  • Metabolic Bone Disease

    Bone biopsy showed mild osteomalacia. Vitamin D2 was withdrawn for 2 months and then restarted at 1000 IU/wk.[] The spectrum of abnormal bone metabolism includes rickets and osteomalacia; osteopenia and osteoporosis; osteogenesis imperfecta, renal osteodystrophy; osteopetrosis and osteosclerosis[] Imperfecta (OI).[]

  • Protrusio Acetabuli

    In osteomalacia, the index was significantly increased relative both to the osteoporosis and control groups; early PA was found in 50% of patients with osteomalacia.[] Imperfecta[] Bilateral protrusio acetabuli may be caused by rheumatoid arthritis , Paget's disease , or osteomalacia . [2] In addition, protrusio acetabuli may be present bilaterally in[]

  • Disorder of the Skeletal System

    Osteomalacia or Rickets: Osteomalacia, called rickets when it occurs in childhood, is a disease in which the bones contain insufficient amounts of calcium and phosphorus.[] Osteogenesis Imperfecta : This is a rare genetic defect where the bones cannot make itself dense enough to support weight.[] Key points of the lecture are: Disorders of Skeletal System, Abnormal Bone Growth, Vitamin D Deficiency, Rickets, Osteomalacia, Ascorbic Acid Deficiency, Human Growth H...[]

  • X-Linked Hypophosphatemia

    Four patients with oncogenic osteomalacia had concentrations ranging from 426 to 7970 RU per milliliter, which normalized after tumor resection.[] BACKGROUND: Health-related quality of life of adults with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), fibrous dysplasia (FD) and X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH) remains poorly described[] Imperfecta 511 Chapter 20 Sclerosing Bone Dysplasias 541 Chapter 21 Parathyroid Disorders 557 Chapter 22 Fibrous Dysplasia 589 Chapter 23 Nutritional Rickets 625 Chapter[]

  • Primary Basilar Impression

    The petrous temporal bone and deafness in X-linked hypophosphataemic osteomalacia. Clinical Radiology , Vol. 39, Issue. 5, p. 528.[] In Depth Tutorials and Information Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Basilar Invagination Kyriakos Papadimitriou, Ali A.[] Acquired causes: basilar invagination, also known as basilar impression, is associated with softening of the skull base and is often due to rheumatoid arthritis, Paget disease, osteomalacia[]

  • Platybasia

    Pathology Aetiology congenital achondroplasia Down syndrome Chiari malformations craniocleidodysostosis craniofacial anomalies osteogenesis imperfecta acquired Paget disease osteomalacia[] This case represents a rare by significant central nervous system complication of osteogenesis imperfecta.[] This condition may also occur in association with bone diseases such as osteomalacia and Paget disease of bone in adulthood. In… Read More[]

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